Value for Business User
  1. BI4Dynamics delivers comprehensive content out-of-the box. At least 30% more content than the competitor, with regards to number of cubes, measures and dimensions.

  2. BI4Dynamics covers all Microsoft Dynamics AX & NAV application areas.Therefore it is only rational to use ready-made solutions as a foundation to build your BI specificities.

  3. To facilitate quick analyses of your data, we created a set of Power BI and Excel reports and dashboards based on BI4Dynamics data warehouse or/and OLAP Cubes.

  4. BI4Dynamics is available in 23 languages. Users can change langugage by setting up connection string in Excel.

  5. The BI4Dynamics Wizard enables installation and customization with a click of a mouse, with possibility of further manual customisation using Microsoft SQL knowledge.

  6. BI4Dynamics can be bought On-premise or as a Subscription model starting from 96 GBP / month for Starter package (3 Cubes) for unlimited users. Every subscription comes with selected cubes, customization wizard and prebuilt repots.

  7. Our Complete Business Intelligence solution is available for free during the 30 days trial period. You can implement our solution on your actual Microsoft Dynamics data with full support during the trial period at no cost.

Value for IT Professional
  1. BI4Dynamics is built to access the full potential of true data warehouse architecture. With a rich content that is exclusively designed for Microsoft Dynamics AX & NAV.

  2. Combining BI4Dynamics data warehouse as a source of transformed Microsoft Dynamics AX/NAV data with Power BI for basic modeling is an optimal combination for mobile and web analysis.

  3. BI4Dynamics enables merging data from different AX/NAV databases into the same BI4Dynamics data warehouse. Because scripts are executed by source version users can merge different version of operational databases (example: AX v4 and AX v2012R2) or old and new database when upgrading AX/NAV (example: old NAV v4 and new operational NAV v2013).

  4. BI4Dynamics uses Microsoft stack and can be installed on Express, Standard or Enterprise version of SQL Server on the premises or in cloud.

  5. BI4Dynamics supports Microsoft Dynamics AX from v 3 upwards, as well as Microsoft Dynamics NAV from v 3.1. to current version.

  6. Our customization wizard expands standard BI4Dynamics functionality. With your knowledge of your Microsoft Dynamics modifications combined with BI4Dynamics metadata  know-how, the Wizard simplifies complex BI customizations and development processes. 

  7. BI4Dynamics Wizard can automatically transfer Non-Empty or All-Fields from AX/NAV to BI during the daily process. Users can select which fields they need (i.e. visible/hidden) from which, they build new dimension hierarchies.

Total free trial package includes:

  • All BI4Dynamics AX or NAV modules including the Customization Wizard.
  • Installation on your infrastructure or server.
  • 2 hours walk-through session with BI consultant, who will provide deeper insight into your company data using BI4Dynamics. We will advise you on how to improve your Microsoft Dynamics tables and setup (attributes, hierarchies, account schedules) to access the full benefit of BI.
  • We have a track record of meeting clients expectations. We are confident that we will meet and exceed your expectations too!

BI4Dynamics AX

  • Multiple AX versions & data sources support.
  • Easy setup for up to 15 financial dimensions.click48
  • ENUM, virtual company support and more.

BI4Dynamics NAV

  • 16 OLAP Cubes for all business areas.
  • Customization Wizard for easy modifications.click48
  • At least 30% more content than the competition.