Value for Business User
  1. Covers all Microsoft Dynamics business application areas.

  2. At least 30% more content compared to the nearest competitor based on number of cubes, measures and dimensions.

  3. 100+ highly structured, predefined Excel reports ready for immediate usage.

  4. Available in 23 languages.

  5. Affordable pricing (per database, unlimited users) with low TCO.

  6. On-premise or Subscription model starting from 96 GBP / month. 

  7. 30 day free trial, fixed BI project price and fast implementation.

Value for IT Professional
  1. The smartest self-service Wizard for building and extending existing cubes
    without SQL knowledge and training.

  2. BI4Dynamics transfers fields (Standard or Non-Empty or All Fields) from NAV to BI immediately by clicking “Update now” or later, during daily update process.

  3. Data warehouse based (Kimball star schema) architecture designed for
    performance, multiple-sources, daily snapshots and incremental load.

  4. Uses existing Microsoft infrastructure (SQL database, Excel, Active Directory).

  5. 100% open SQL code for further development.

  6. Well documented and well-structured code.

Key BI4Dynamics Platform Features

True Data Warehouse built for content and performance.

Build on Kimball star schema principle exploring full potential of true data warehouse architecture. Solution is built for Microsoft Dynamics AX & NAV, but can be extended by any other source. SQL scripts have been developed manually (not generated by a tool) and therefore build for content and optimized for speed.


Specially designed module captures and stores performance of daily activities (such as processing time, disk size, RAM etc…) inside SQL server while processing BI solution. Information are used for sizing and performance optimization which is required in the corporate environment.

100% Microsoft Stack. 100% Open SQL Code.

BI4Dynamics is built on Microsoft technologies and fully uses Microsoft stack. BI4Dynamics solutions can be installed on standard version of SQL Server (and of course on Enterprise). No additional tool is needed or installed.


Any part of solution can be accessed, changed and stored with standard Microsoft SQL Server tools. Apart from Microsoft SQL knowledge, no additional knowledge or training is necessary to further develop BI4Dynamics.

One Installation. Many languages.

All language translations are available in each installation; by setting up connection string in front-end client (Excel) users can use any language in the same installation.


Translation files are saved in localisation directory. Each supported language has one translation file. Any change to translations does not require a new installation but replacement of old language file with a new one. Translation files are XML based so they can easily be edited. Solution also supports double-byte characters.

One Installation. Many versions.

Enables joining data from different versions of AX/NAV databases in the same BI4Dynamics data warehouse. All scripts are executed by source version so user can:


  • join different version of operational databases (example: AX v4 and AX v2012R2) or
  • join old and new database when upgrading your AX/NAV (example: old NAV v4 and new operational NAV v2013).


Available for all Microsoft Dynamics AX & NAV versions,

Automatically adds fields from NAV to BI

BI4Dynamics transfers fields (Standard or Non-Empty or All Fields) from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to BI immediately by clicking “Update now” or later, during daily update process. Users can setup dimension on Customization tab in BI4Dynamics under Manage dimension.

On premise or Subscription Model

BI4Dynamics can be bought On-premise or as a Subscription model starting from 96 GBP / month for Starter package (3 Cubes) for unlimited users. Every subscription comes with selected cubes, customization wizard and prebuilt repots. Prices are calculated based on yearly payment (3,2% from License value per month).

Spending too much of your time on building reports from scratch?

Searching for the right data, exporting it to Excel, formatting charts, chasing deadlines… doing it over and over again?

Let BI4Dynamics do the hard work.

BI4Dynamics makes you up and running in couple of hours. Fast to implement. Easy to configure and simple to use.

BI4Dynamics AX

  • Multiple AX versions & data sources support.
  • Easy setup for up to 15 financial dimensions.click48
  • ENUM, virtual company support and more.

BI4Dynamics NAV

  • 16 OLAP Cubes for all business areas.
  • Customization Wizard for easy modification.click48
  • At least 30% more content than competition.