Sales cube comes with 192 measures + 60 last periods that in combination with 90 dimensions attributes gives insight into all parts of the sales area. Analysing sales trends, margin, parallel period and year-to-date sales reports extend standard reporting and makes analysing simple, powerful and quick.

Sales Orders History

BI4Dynamics makes a daily snapshot of all sales quotes and orders and stores them in the BI4Dynamics’ Data Warehouse. This feature enables analysing of sales quotes and sales orders even after they are changed, processed or deleted.


Receivables module is most commonly used as standard in all organisations and comes with more specific measures like Average Balance, Sales on Credit, Average Due and Open Days, Receivables Turnover in Days, Customer Net Change, % of Total Balance, etc.


Purchase module enables complete purchase analysis with multiple measures and dimensions over multiple companies and currencies. Purchase by Type, Purchase by Top Vendors by Type, Purchase by Top 10 Vendors by Purchased Items.

Purchase Orders History

Powerful analysis of orders and blanket orders is mandatory for efficient supply chain management. It is crucial to track the status of purchased and supplied items. Every day snapshots in the data warehouse make purchase orders analysis very fast and accurate.


Analysis of specific invoices and group of invoices with smart Payables measures like Payables Balance, Payables coefficient, Turnover in Days, Vendor Credit, Vendor discount by different currencies, date, companies, etc.


BI4Dynamics enables powerful inventory value and quantity analysis over multiple dimensions. To avoid typical difficulties with inventory valuation in ERP systems, daily snapshots of data are created in data warehouse to provide fast and agile analysis.

Account Schedules

Account schedules are used to prepare financial reports based on the general ledger. With account schedules users can choose specific accounts and perform calculations. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV users define their own account schedule. 

General Ledger

Consolidation of information over multiple companies, dimensions and currencies has never been easier. Ability to create Chart of Accounts and Income statement reports and to compare budgets over the years with YTD (Year-To-Date) KPI.

Jobs and Resources

Powerful analysis of Jobs and Resources, which can give answers about budgets, costs and profits on different open jobs in just one report. Job and Resources module provides the ability to compare budgets, costs and profit at the same time in one report for a specific project.


Powerful, agile, simple analysis across different manufacturing processes. Manufacturing module enables monitoring of Production Orders, Item Composition and Consumption, Actual and Expected Quantities with Variance. Analyse Average Costs or Work in Progress over many dimensions.

Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets module gives you possibility to analyse fixed assets value, count and depreciation.

Bank Account

Bank Account module enables balance, credit, and debit analyses of multiple bank accounts over multiple currencies, companies, data sources, etc.

Service Management

Service Management module covers Microsoft Dynamics NAV Service Management module and enhance it with powerful KPIs.