New BI4Dynamics AX Wizard

New BI4Dynamics customization wizard for Microsoft Dynamics AX
will extend your corporate Business Intelligence beyond your wildest imagination.

Build New Cubes and Data Warehouse

Using your customized AX structures, in conjunction with BI4Dynamics Wizard, you can create custom cubes, without prior SQL knowledge to facilitate a time-efficient and cost-effective experience.

Edit Cubes and Data Warehouse with the Wizard or Manually

Mix and match. Wizard or manual generated code. All inside one BI solution. Customization has never been easier.

Customization of BI Solution

  • Work simultaneously with BI4Dynamics  Solution, BI4Dynamics Wizard, and Microsoft Tools.
  • Create or modify T-SQL scripts with SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Create or modify XML files (dimensions, cubes) with BIDS.

Cube Management

  • Create new cubes based on any AX table.
  • Add Fact to any cube.
  • Add measure groups to any measure such as YTD ( Year-to-Date), YOY ( Year-over-Year), Last Periods, POP (Period-over-Period), etc.
  • Attach custom MDX in addition to existing measures.

Dimension Managment

  • Create new dimensions based on any AX table.
  • Change existing dimensions.
  • Custom fields added to AX tables can be added to BI4Dynamics.
  • Fields can be hidden with the wizard if you do not need them in BI.

Trying to develop a BI project with the Wizard?

See the how-to videos below to get a clue on how the wizard works. Everything else is a matter of your imagination.

Webinar recording

Watch webinar recording to see simple and powerful wizard-driven development and customization. Watch how to automatically generate SQL code for facts, cubes, and dimensions based on metadata (AX AOT) through a simple 5 step process.

Try BI4Dynamics including the wizard:

  • Our Complete Business Intelligence Solution is available during the trial period.
  • We will guide you through the implementation of BI4Dynamics on your actual Microsoft Dynamics Data with full support at no cost.
  • After installing BI4Dynamics, your data will continuously be transformed to relevant information.
  • Thereafter, we will connect your data to Excel and Power BI reports and assist you with evaluating, analyzing, and monitoring your data.