New BI4Dynamics NAV Wizard

New BI4Dynamics customization wizard for Microsoft Dynamics NAV will extend your corporate Business Intelligence beyond your wildest imagination.

A sneak preview of Wizard 2.0

Build new Cubes with Customization Wizard

  • Automatically generate SQL code for facts, cubes, and dimensions based on metadata through a simple 5 step process.
  • Add custom SQL code into existing generated code by using placeholders and still use data warehouse automation.
  • Create custom cubes, without SQL knowledge or spending time and money on expensive training.

Watch below videos to get a hands on experience on how to build your custom OLAP cubes from scratch.

Customization Wizard Features

Roles and Permissions Management

  • Roles and Permission are created within standard Microsoft OLAP cubes (SSAS). BI4Dynamics Roles and Permissions are stored and revoked automatically.

Virtual Cubes

  • Virtual Cubes are easily created from physical cubes (standard and wizard created cube).
  • Each deploy updates physical and virtual cubes.

Manage BI solution

  • Work simultaneously with BI4Dynamics standard, Wizard and Microsoft tools.
  • Create or modify T-SQL scripts with SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Create or modify XML files (dimensions, cubes) with BIDS.

Manage dimensions

  • Create new dimensions based on any NAV table.
  • Change existing dimensions.
  • Fields added to NAV tables are automatically added to BI4Dynamics without any user interaction during daily update.

Manage Cubes

  • Create new cubes based on any NAV table.
  • Display your data in any language.
  • Add fact to any existing cube.
  • Add YTD ( Year-to-Date), YOY ( Year-over-Year), LAST PERIODS, POP (Period-over-Period) measure groups or any custom MDX on top of the existing measures.

Try BI4Dynamics including the wizard:

  • Our Complete Business Intelligence Solution is available during the trial period.
  • We will guide you through the implementation of BI4Dynamics on your actual Microsoft Dynamics Data with full support at no cost.
  • After installing BI4Dynamics, your data will continuously be transformed to relevant information.
  • Thereafter, we will connect your data to Excel and Power BI reports and assist you with evaluating, analyzing, and monitoring your data.