Relax, while BI4Dynamics Customization Wizard extends your Corporate Business Intelligence

Wizard extends standard BI4Dynamics functionality. Based on NAV metadata, Wizard simplifies complex BI customizations and development processes. With your understanding of your custom Microsoft Dynamics NAV structures an BI4Dynamics know-how you can create custom cubes, without SQL knowledge or spending time and money on expensive trainings.

Build new Cubes with Customization Wizard

With Customization Wizard you are able to build your own cubes. Without SQL knowledge. Without reading 200 pages of documentation. Without spending your money on trainings.

Wizard transfers fields from NAV to BI automatically

Sit back and relax while BI4Dynamics does the job. Manage dimensions feature is here to add Standard or Non-Empty or All Fields from Microsoft Dynamics to BI during the daily process. There is no need for custom development. Watch video to see how it works.

Manage Dimensions – Wizard driven customizations

Merge two or more Cubes with Customization Wizard

With Customization Wizard you are able to merge two or more Cubes (BI4Dynamics standard Cubes or Wizard created Cubes) into one Virtual Cube to adopt your analysis needs.

Watch below videos to get a hands on experience on how to build your custom OLAP cubes from scratch.

Customization Wizard is part of a free trial. Free trial includes:

  • All BI4Dynamics AX or NAV modules including Customization Wizard.
  • Installation on your infrastructure.
  • 2 hours walk-through session with BI consultant where we will give you better insight into your company data by using BI4Dynamics. You will also get advice how you can improve your Microsoft Dynamics tables and setup (attributes, hierarchies, account schedules) to fully benefit with BI. We’ve done it hundreds time, we will do it for you too.

Other features of Customization Wizard

Roles and Permissions Management

  • Roles and Permission are created within standard Microsoft OLAP cubes (SSAS). BI4Dynamics Roles and Permissions are stored and revoked automatically.

Virtual Cubes

  • Virtual Cubes are easily created from physical cubes (standard and wizard created cube).
  • Each deploy updates physical and virtual cubes.

Manage BI solution

  • Work simultaneously with BI4Dynamics standard, Wizard and Microsoft tools.
  • Create or modify T-SQL scripts with SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Create or modify XML files (dimensions, cubes) with BIDS.

Manage dimensions

  • Create new dimensions based on any NAV table.
  • Change existing dimensions.
  • Fields added to NAV tables are automatically added to BI4Dynamics without any user interaction during daily update.

Manage Cubes

  • Create new cubes based on any NAV table.
  • Display your data in any language.
  • Add fact to any existing cube.
  • Add YTD ( Year-to-Date), YOY ( Year-over-Year), LAST PERIODS, POP (Period-over-Period) measure groups or any custom MDX on top of the existing measures.