Forecasting with R

The demand for forecasting and finding correlations is growing. Realization of such projects is no longer reserved for companies with deep pockets. BI4Dynamics has standardized a forecasting solution with SQL Server R Services, data warehouse, and Power BI.

Based on BI4Dynamics data warehouse

Studies say that 80% of total project time is spent on data preparation. BI4Dynamics eliminates that time by having data warehouse already in place. Data warehouse enables analysis across multiple data bases, companies and currencies.

Integration with BI4Dynamics

BI4Dynamics enables better and faster forecast solution by using data warehouse as input and output of R projects. High performance is assured by storing in and accessing forecast output data from data warehouse.

Flexible and accurate

Forecasting flexibility is ensured by choosing source parameters, such as tables, fields, dimensions, etc. Users can select the most appropriate forecast method from a wide selection for better accuracy.

Watch videos below to find out:

  • What is R?
  • What is the difference using R in Power BI, R in SQL 2016 or Cortana Intelligence?
  • How to build models for forecasting and correlations using R? How to integrate R inputs and outputs?
  • Real cases of forecasting on Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV data.

Try BI4Dynamics including the wizard:

  • Our Complete Business Intelligence Solution is available during the trial period.
  • We will guide you through the implementation of BI4Dynamics on your actual Microsoft Dynamics Data with full support at no cost.
  • After installing BI4Dynamics, your data will continuously be transformed to relevant information.
  • Thereafter, we will connect your data to Excel and Power BI reports and assist you with evaluating, analyzing, and monitoring your data.