BI4Dynamics AX April 2018 (6.2)

BI4Dynamics latest release brings Enterprise BI features with partition-based processing, editable process flow and other performance and development features.


  • Partition based cube processing
    Partial data-based processing that enables up to 90% faster cube processing. Users can set 3 partitions – current, intermediate and archived.
  • Editable process flow
    Adding external data sources to BI4Dynamics process flow is flexible and enables adding new SSIS packages.


  • Inventory aging: Inventory aging value in posted and in additional currency.  Values and quantity can be analyzed by date, location, item, etc.
  • Wizard-driven translations: Translation option is added to the Wizard.
  • Purchase forecast: Forecast purchase in posted and in additional currency.
  • Setup execution log: Monitor execution time and table statistic in Power BI.

BI4Dynamics AX January 2018 (6.1)

Upgrade to latest .NET framework 4.7.1 brings support for latest Microsoft technologies that will be used in future releases of BI4Dynamics.

.NET FRAMEWORK 4.7.1 is available on:

  • Windows version: Windows 7+
  • Windows Server version: Windows Server 2008 R2+

These operating systems are part of system requirements from BI4Dynamics AX 6.1. on.

This is a pure technical release with no impact on BI4Dynamics AX content or user experience.

BI4Dynamics AX October 2018 (6.0)

New BI4Dynamics customization wizard for Microsoft Dynamics AX will extend your corporate Business Intelligence beyond your wildest imagination.


  • Editable SSIS process flow.
  • Customization and development Wizard for AX.
    • Automatically generate SQL code for facts, cubes, and dimensions based on metadata (AX AOT) through a simple 5 step process.
    • Add custom SQL code into existing generated code by using placeholders (new!) and still use data warehouse automation.


  • Added dimension Unit of Measure to Sales and Purchase cube with referring transactional measures.
  • Added 30 ACY measures across all modules.
  • Added or redesigned 63 measures and Unit of Measure dimension; Measures in delivery fact are now calculated as weighed measures.


  • Receivables and Payables State fact data compression per selected period on Monthly or Weekly bases that enables much faster DW and cube processing.
  • Inventory Dimension loads much faster.


  • Updated Excel and Power BI reports.
  • Added set of Excel reports in ACY based measures.

Other BI4Dynamics AX Releases

BI4Dynamics AX (5.0.2) Release


  • Improvements in SSIS installation.
  • Redesigned Stage tab – added functionality to export single table.
  • Custom procedures are added to process flow in Deploy DW step (until now only on Deploy All).


  • Added dimension “Procurement Category” (Sales cube, Purchase cube).
  • Added measure “Average Overdue Days Receivables” (Receivables cube).
  • Added measure “Average Overdue Days Payables” (Payables cube).
  • Updated measures “Average Due Days” and “Average Open Days” – calculation weighted by open amount (Payables cube, Receivables cube).

BI4Dynamics AX (5.0.1) Release


  • Rewritten data warehouse facts for faster execution and faster development (less code); Scripts regarding dimension haven’t been changed.
  • ​​New incremental update logic for fact area.
  • Load procedure works with temp tables (no more temp views) to load large tables (less code).
  •  Automatically managing constraints and indexes (drop, create).
  • SSIS implementation option: when using SSIS option, stored procedures are automatically transformed and send to SSIS as packages for parallel execution.
  • ​Fixed for SQL2008R2 to enable SSIS.
  • Support for SQL 2016


  • Created fact “Sales Opportunity”
  • Created “Document Sales Opportunity” dimension
  • “Opened Date” and “Closed Date” dimensions are created and added to “Sales Opportunity” fact
  • “Document Sales Opportunity” dimension is added to “Sales Opportunity” and “Sales Quotation” facts
  • Add attribute “Project Date Created” to “Project” dimension
  • Add attributes to “Document Sales Order” dimension
  • Added attribute “Invent WMS Location Code” to “Location” dimension
  • Created “General Type” dimension
  • “Charges” dimension is added to “Purchase Invoice” fact
  • “General Type” dimension is added to “Sales Invoice” and “Purchase Invoice” facts
  • Added new measure “Opening Balance” into “GL” fact
  • Created new dimension Procurement Category and added to the following facts: Purchase Delivery, Purchase Invoice, Purchase Line, Sales Delivery, Sales Invoice, Sales Line, Sales Quote)


  • ​optimised processing time for Sales Orders

BI4Dynamics AX (5.0.0) Release


  1. Rewritten data warehouse facts for faster execution (50% improvement in processing time) and faster development (less code):
    • New incremental update logic for facts (faster execution)
    • Redesigned load procedures include views and work with temp tables (no temporary views) to load large tables (faster execution and less code).
    • Create/drop constraints and indexes are managed automatically by the framework (less code).
  2. SSIS implementation option: when using SSIS option, stored procedures are automatically transformed and send to SSIS as packages for parallel execution. Another 50% improvement in processing time.
  3. Filter staging tables: add column filter on staging tables to select only needed records.
  4. Azure ready. BI4Dynamics AX can be installed in the Azure environment.


  • Added “Fixed Assets” cube
  • Added “General Type” dimension to “Sales Invoice” and “Purchase Invoice” facts (Sales cube, Purchase cube).
  • Added “Sales Opportunity” fact with related dimensions (Sales cube).
  • Added attributes to “Project” dimension.
  • Added attributes to “Document Sales Order” dimension.
  • Added “Procurement Category” attribute to Item dimension
  • Added “Invent WMS Location Code” attribute to “Location” dimension.
  • Added “Charges” dimension to “Purchase Invoice” fact (Purchase cube).
  • Added “Opening Balance” measure into “GL” fact (GL cube).

BI4Dynamics AX (4.2.1) Release


  • Added Virtual Cubes.
  • Added Support for cube Roles and Permission.
  • Added Cube for Performance Measurement – Profiler.


    Global Document No, Multi-Measure, Document Sales Quotation, Document Sales Order, Document Sales Line, Charges, Document Purchase Order Line, etc.
    90 dimension attributes were added to Customer (44), Item (12), Document Sales Quotation (19), Document Sales Order (10), Contact Person (3), Document Sales (2) and to Posting Type dimension (1). Fiscal calendar hierarchy, day in a week, month in a year and ISO week were added to Date dimension.
    14 New measures were added to Sales Line (4), to Purchase Line (6) and Last Sales Transaction Date, Last Purchase Transaction Date, Sales Benefits, Forecast Variance.

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