Try BI4Dynamics AX or NAV free for 30 days

BI4Dynamics is one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective business intelligence solutions on the market today. Free Trial on the complete product – working with your real data with direct help and free support during installation.

  • 16 BI4Dynamics NAV or 9 BI4Dynamics AX Cubes
  • 30-days license (without limitations)
  • 100+ Excel Reports
  • Customization Wizard

What is included in the BI4Dynamics free trial?

  • All available BI4Dynamics AX or BI4Dynamics NAV application areas
    (like Finance, Sales, Receivables, Inventory, Payables, Purchase, Sales and Purchase Orders, Jobs and Resources, Manufacturing, etc)
  • Guided installation and documentation.
  • Unlimited use of BI4Dynamics for 30 days.
    (Including incremental update and customization wizard)
  • Prebuilt Excel reports for immediate usage.

After installation you can test BI4Dynamics free for 30 days on your data on your infrastrucutre.

Please read BI4Dynamics system requirements before starting a Free Trial.

Who is BI4Dynamics for?

BI4Dynamics is perfect for all companies that are using Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV

BI4Dynamics Business Intelligence Solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides rich business intelligence capabilities to companies of all sizes and industries.

BI4Dynamics democratizes decision making by providing business users easy access to a single source of truth in a form of a central data warehouse. Data is accessed with familiar tools like Microsoft Excel. BI4Dynamics fills the reporting gap of transactional systems and adds great value to Microsoft Dynamics data.

What is BI4Dynamics made of?

Staging Database: A staging database is a separate storage area created for the purpose of providing continuous access to application data.

Data Warehouse: A data warehouse is a place where Microsoft Dynamics data are structured, pre-calculated and stored for further analysis.

OLAP Cubes: In OLAP Cubes, data are categorized and calculated by dimensions to improve query time over relational databases.

Analysing: BI4Dynamics delivers fast and accurate analysis, allowing anyone to slice, dice and drill data with the click of a mouse.