Integration of external data

Join all data sources (Microsoft Dynamics + any other) across your organization into BI4Dynamics Data Warehouse. Have full control of external data quality and save cost by engaging your internal resources.

The feature of using a Direct Query for Azure Analysis Services and Power BI Datasets existed for almost a year, however, from October 2021 it gained various improvements.

BI4Dynamics copies data from Microsoft Database to the BI4Dynamics Data Warehouse where the data transformation happens. The Azure Analysis Services is used as a business layer to display this information for Power BI.

When the connection is changed from Live to Direct Query, the BI4Dynamics model is copied to a local Power BI file. On the direct query Power BI file, we can extend the model with any other source.

You can as well select a couple of tables from the BI4Dynamics Analytical model that consists of 12 application areas, 47 transactional tables, 133-dimensional tables, and 2100 measures.