BI4Dynamics NAV November 2018 (6.4)

BI4Dynamics latest release brings easy integration of external data sources into BI4Dynamics.


  1. Create SSIS packages to add any data source type (SQL, Excel, text, and other).
  2. Fine tune SQL scripts to fit BI4Dynamics Data Warehouse concept.
  3. Add SSIS package to the BI4Dynamics process flow.
  4. Create a new cube based on tables from external data with the Wizard.


  • Added integration of external data sources.
  • Added management for deploying stage.


  • Redesigned snapshot functionality for Sales and Purchase Orders.


  • Added support for all data warehouse schemas.
  • Added management of tables from external data source that don’t have CompanyID or primary key.

BI4Dynamics NAV July 2018 (6.3)

BI4Dynamics latest release brings even better Customization and Development wizard and new BI content across all application areas


  • Adding dimension Item Variant to Sales, Purchase and Inventory cube.
  • Added attribute Posting description to dimensions to documents (Sales, Purchase, GL, Receivables, and Payables).
  • GL cube: added dimensions VAT Business Posting GroupVAT Product Posting GroupGeneral Posting Type.
  • Sales cube: added dimensions Return Reason Code.
  • Updated French and Spanish translations.


  • Availability to add tables from HelpSetupDimFact and Metadata schemas (before Stage Schema was available to add) in Wizard functionality for building cubes and dimensions.
  • Improved translation management.


  • Improved reading NAV objects in a multitenant environment.
  • Stabilized SSIS process flow and SASS partition management.

BI4Dynamics NAV March 2018 (6.2)

BI4Dynamics latest release brings Enterprise BI features with partition-based processing, editable process flow and other performance and development features.


  • Partition based cube processing
    Partial data-based processing that enables up to 90% faster cube processing. Users can set 3 partitions – current, intermediate and archived.
  • Editable process flow
    To support adding external data source BI4Dynamics process flow is flexible and enables adding new SSIS packages.


  • Inventory state redesign: Measures are based on a data warehouse.
  • Setup execution log: Monitor execution time and table inserts in Power BI.
  • Folder translations: Translation option added to the Wizard.

BI4Dynamics NAV January 2018 (6.1)

This release adds support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 (Application, Metadata, Multitenant).


  • Built on latest .NET framework 4.7.1 to support latest Microsoft technologies.
  • Added full support for SQL 2017.


  • Added support for NAV 2018 (Application, Metadata, Multitenant).


  • Added fully editable 12 dimensions (total 16): Business Unit, Currency, Customer, Fixed Asset, GL Account, Item, Job, Location, Reason Code, Resource, Resource Group, SalespersonPurchaser, Shipment Method, Shipping Agent, Source Code, Vendor.
  • Added Filter on loading data into Fact (WHERE condition).
  • Added Many-to-Many (dimension: measure group) relation in a cube.

BI4Dynamics NAV 6.0 (November 2017) with Wizard 2.0

Create new or edit existing cubes, dimensions and measures through the simple 5 step process that is based on Metadata and supports the many-to-one concept (source-to-destination table).

Build New Cubes and Data Warehouse

Create new cubes and data warehouse covering your specifics in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (or vertical BI solution) without prior SQL knowledge.

Customize BI Solution with Wizard or Manually

Add fields to existing solution. Mix and match. Wizard or manual generated code. All inside one BI solution. Customization and development has never been easier.

BI4Dynamics NAV Express September 2017 (5.7) Release

Corporate BI Solution for SMB price.

Business Intelligence project is no longer reserved for companies with deep pockets. Get all information you need with BI4Dynamics Express. Connect  Power BI and Excel reports to the ready-to-analyze data warehouse.

If you don’t have BI4Dynamics license yet please fill in the free trial form on

Data Warehouse based BI solution

BI4Dynamics Express uses the data warehouse to transform data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to valuable information. This enables connecting to dashboards without affecting your Microsoft Dynamics.

Runs on SQL Server Express edition

BI4Dynamics Express runs on SQL Server Express edition. This entry-level SQL edition is free and allows up to 10 GB database size.

Affordable subscription

BI4Dynamics Express is available as an affordable subscription (renting). Users can choose 3 or (all) 6 modules from Sales, Receivables, Purchase, Payables, Inventory, and Finance application area.

Installation and usage

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  2. How to install BI4Dynamics Express?
  3. How to connect to predefined Power BI reports?
  4. How to connect to Excel reports?

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