Unlock Limitless Possibilities: Customizations and Development Made Easy – No SQL Knowledge Required

Self-service Business Intelligence (BI) solution specialized for Microsoft Dynamics that puts the power in the hands of your users.

Transform Your BI Experience: Where simplicity meets efficiency.

Streamline customization with a tailored Business Intelligence solution for Microsoft Dynamics. Effortless customizations, seamlessly integrate Power BI fields or any other data source in just a few easy steps. Our intuitive wizard ensures a rapid, programmatic skill-free process for a powerful BI experience.

Self-service BI: Effortless Changes without Programming Skills

Anyone in your organization can easily implement changes with minimal training, making business intelligence accessible to all. Say goodbye to the need for programming skills – our wizard-driven customizations guide you through a seamless 5 step process, allowing you to bring your BI vision to life effortlessly.

No programming skills needed: Five-Step Wizard-driven customization

Experience a five-step wizard-driven process starting from table and column selection, extending to the management of measures and dimensions. This intuitive process relies on knowledge of Dynamics (what) rather than technical skills (how). Our system seamlessly combines the flexibility of Power BI with the scalability of SQL, offering the best of both worlds.

Powered by Metadata: We know every detail of your Dynamics

BI4Dynamics seamlessly connects to Microsoft Dynamics and extracts and utilizes AOT/Object Metadata for each customer individually. This comprehensive information, including Tables, Columns, Table Relations, and Enums, ensures that any changes made in the ERP can be implemented in the BI project through a wizard-driven process.

Customizations made easy, developed, especially for Microsoft Dynamics.

Unparalleled flexibility that allows your team to be in control of the BI project.

Experiences from 1.000 projects in many industries and company sizes.

The Flexiest Data Warehouse for Microsoft Dynamics

Get the advantage of no-code customizations powered by a 5-step BI4Dynamics customization wizard.

Step-by-Step customization videos (longer)