Data Warehouse – solid core of corporate BI

Designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics D365(AX)/NAV business
Expandable to complex data models with many contributing entities
Scalable for larger databases with intensive daily processing
A single point of truth for corporate reporting

Solution Architecture

BI4Dynamics is a data warehouse solution. Watch the video to see:

  • BI4Dynamics behind the scenes
  • How a data warehouse is created?
  • What BI4Dynamics’s SQL code looks like?
  • How to customize the solution?
  • What is delivered out of the box when you buy BI4Dynamics?

One Installation. Many versions.

Enables joining data from different versions of D 365 (AX) /NAV databases in the same BI4Dynamics data warehouse. All scripts are executed by source version so the user can:

  • Join different versions of operational databases.
  • Join old and new databases when upgrading your AX/NAV.

Available for most Microsoft Dynamics D 365 (AX) /NAV versions.

100% Microsoft Stack. 100% Open SQL Code.

BI4Dynamics is built on Microsoft technologies and fully uses Microsoft stack. BI4Dynamics solutions can be installed on any version of SQL Server (Express, Standard, Enterprise). No additional tool is needed or installed. Any part of the solution can be accessed, changed and stored with standard Microsoft SQL Server tools. Apart from Microsoft SQL knowledge, no additional knowledge or training is necessary to further develop BI4Dynamics.

One Installation. Many languages.

All language translations are available in each installation; by setting up connection string in front-end client (Excel) users can use any language in the same installation. Each supported language has one translation file. Any change to translations does not require a new installation but replacement of old language file with a new one. Translation files are XML based so they can easily be edited. The solution also supports double-byte characters.

Data Warehouse. For content and performance.

BI4Dynamics is built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics D365(AX)/NAV thus offering content and features that customers really need (and like). Data Warehouse is optimized for reporting workload, is scalable for the integration of larger databases (XTB), incorporates standard Microsoft Dynamics application areas,  and provides a solid core for customizations, and further development.