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Corporate Financial Reporting: A Comprehensive Guide

Corporate financial reporting is a critical aspect of business operations, especially for multinational corporations. In this guide, we will explore the key foundations of financial reporting and how to effectively use financial statements for corporate clients. Key Foundations of Financial Reporting Over the years, we’ve found that the financial requirements of corporate clients across different…

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Data Warehouse – Advantages and Threats

Normally when an SMB hears a phrase like ‘Data Warehouse’ the first thing that comes to mind is prohibitive costs. Also, there are horror stories about the implementation process due to the rigidity of the data modeling, which is measured in months, not days. What makes a data warehouse the preferred choice for enterprises is…

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The Significance of Metadata in BI Projects

This blog post will explore the importance of metadata in designing a Business Intelligence (BI) project, and how BI4Dynamics leverages it to automate data warehousing Firstly, let’s define metadata. It refers to the additional information and descriptions of data. For instance, when taking a picture using an iPhone, the metadata information includes the geolocation and…

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Indexing data warehouse tables Too many or too few indexes can hurt performance. Non-active indexes may disturb SQL server in generating the optimal execution plan. Managing indexes can become an art that only experienced professionals can make right. Not accidentally, models in BI4Dynamics data warehouse are know to the same engine that generates the indexes.…

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