Is Power BI enough?

eBook: BI4Dynamics DWA vs. PBI Custom Projects

BI4Dynamics is developed especially for Microsoft Dynamics D365 F&O/AX and D365 BC/NAV.
Based on 1000 implementations, the solution is proven and ready to use the very next day after implementation.

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BI4Dynamics delivers out-of-the-box BI solutions, rather than going through a trial & error process to find out the needs of the business. The experience from 1000 BI4Dynamics customers shows that it covers up to 90% of the requirements.

While  Power BI Custom Projects can be risky, challenging, time-consuming, and service intense since everyone responds to business needs reactively. This process often produces confusion, due to a lack of clear, explicit, and agreed goals & outcomes.

Takeaways from our guide

#1: What makes a data warehouse the preferred choice for enterprises?

Solid core for complex data

Data Warehouse provides a single analysis repository for all data sources across your organization.

Grows with your business

Data Warehouse supports larger sets of data – millions of rows or terabytes of data is business as usual.

Powerful analysis

Data warehouse enables quickly and efficiently analysis without sacrificing any feature as with Power BI.

Information at your fingertips

Snapshots of the data enable an additional analysis of historical data that would otherwise not be retained.

#2: Power BI limitation that you need to consider

The complexity of D365(AX)/ BC (NAV)

If your primary data source is Microsoft Dynamics ERP with thousands of available tables to store your valuable data, then the BI project rapidly becomes complicated.

Performance or details

Power BI Performance on larger data sets is a known issue. Managing Aggregations feature helps with performance but disables analyzing data at a document level.

Overwhelming modeling

Modeling hundreds of tables is possible in Power BI, but it is not easy to manage, even when using the new ‘Modelling Views’ feature.

Additional services

Power BI brings first results relatively fast. But with the complexity of the project, it at some point requires additional services that need to be performed by BI specialist.

#3: Data Warehouse Automation – The best of both worlds

Corporate Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse Automation tools are Data Warehouse solutions where development cycles are fully automated (code is generated automatically).

Flexible Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse Automation process makes Data Warehouse leaner, more flexible and less expensive thus improving productivity, overall quality and reducing cost.

Internal resources

Using BI4Dynamics Data Warehouse Automation an IT savvy person can deliver a full data warehouse with a speed of delivery and customization possibilities unseen in the industry.

Ready to deploy in 1 day

Finish standard part of BI project in 1 day! BI4Dynamics is developed especially for Microsoft Dynamics and is ready to give you meaningful results in a couple of clicks.