Inventory Dashboard for Microsoft Dynamics

Take a tour of the BI4Dynamics Inventory dashboard available for you to stay on top of your Inventory and other connected areas, like Sales, Purchase, etc. Easy, Fast, Affordable Business Intelligence for Dynamics Users!

Your ultimate Inventory Dashboard in Power BI!

  • Master your inventory with intelligent aging buckets, analyze the cost, quantities, and dynamics of your inventory.
  • Sky-is-the-limit measures and dimensions you can combine to have detailed insight into how your inventory is performing.
  • All in one Inventory Dashboard that you can modify to adopt your business needs with drag-and-drop in Power BI.
  • Save the time and money spent on creating & maintaining reports.
  • Get setup in less than a day with a plug-and-play data warehouse.

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Power BI Dashboards are part of BI4Dynamics out-of-the-box offering.

Inventory area comes with 124 measures organized in 4 measure groups.

Measure groups are sharing 18 dimensions with 174 attributes in 16 hierarchies.


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