Skip time-consuming data modeling by connecting Power BI to BI4Dynamics Data Warehouse

If your primary data source is Microsoft Dynamics ERP with thousands of tables to store your data, then the BI project rapidly becomes complicated. Take advantage of superior Business Intelligence solution that is ready-to-be-deployed over your Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

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Sales - Business Overview

Receivables Power BI report BI4Dynamics

Finance Power BI report BI4Dynamics

Power BI Inventory

Payables Power BI

Power BI Purchase

Retail BI4Dynamics

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We created a set of plug-and-play Power BI Reports and Dashboard for BI4Dynamics FO (AX) and BC (NAV). BI4Dynamics customers and active partners and can connect them to Data Warehouse or Cubes.

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Sign up for a demo today, and not only will you receive a full unrestricted BI4Dynamics license, with all modules activated and our unique Customization Wizard for a full Data Warehouse Automation experience, but we will also do an on-line demo, install the solution across your data, connect Power BI and Excel dashboards and give you 1 half-day workshop at NO CHARGE.
Experience a full onboarding experience of BI4Dynamics free for 30 days. 

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Consider modeling of hundreds of tables done. Superior Business Intelligence solution is ready-to-be-deployed over your Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Be in the control of the BI project. With BI4Dynamics unparalleled flexibility Microsoft Dynamics consultants can deliver complete BI project.

State of the art performance and details on the document level. BI4Dynamics delivers a complete data warehouse that was deployed over 1.000 times.