Is Power BI enough?

If your primary data source is Microsoft Dynamics ERP with thousands of available tables to store your valuable data, then the BI project rapidly becomes complicated.

Overwhelming modeling

Modeling hundreds of tables is possible in Power BI, but it is not easy to manage even when using the “Modelling Views” feature. It may result in never-ending BI project.

Performance or details

Power BI Performance on larger data sets is a known issue. Managing Aggregations feature helps with performance but disables analyzing data at a document level.

Additional services

Power BI brings first results relatively fast. But with the complexity of the project, it at
some point requires additional services that need to be performed by BI specialist

Connect Power BI to BI4Dynamics

BI4Dynamics brings you up to speed by eliminating the need to create new data models for each analysis. Anyone inside your organization can easily create additional dashboards inside Power BI using structured data by BI4Dynamics without time-consuming programming.

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Retail Dashboard

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We created a set of plug-and-play Power BI Reports and Dashboard for BI4Dynamics AX and NAV.  BI4Dynamics customers and active partners and can connect them to Data Warehouse or Cubes.