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Unbeatable content

2.000+ measures, dimensions, and attributes are generated automatically.

Unseen flexibility

Any change to existing or new functionality is just one click away.

All-in-one data warehouse automation for Microsoft Dynamics FO (AX)

Solid core for complex data

Data Warehouse provides a single analysis repository for all data sources across your organization.

Grows with your business

Data Warehouse supports larger sets of data – millions of rows or terabytes of data is business as usual.

Powerful analysis

Data warehouse enables quickly and efficiently analysis without sacrificing any feature as with Power BI.

Information at your fingertips

Snapshots of the data enable additional analysis of historical data that would otherwise not be retained.

Corporate Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse Automation tools are Data Warehouse solutions where development cycles are fully automated (code is generated automatically).

Flexible Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse Automation process makes Data Warehouse leaner, more flexible and less expensive thus improving productivity, overall quality and reducing cost.

Internal resources

Using BI4Dynamics Data Warehouse Automation an IT savvy person can deliver a full data warehouse with a speed of delivery and customization possibilities unseen in the industry.

Ready to deploy in 1 day

Finish standard part of BI project in 1 day! BI4Dynamics is developed especially for Microsoft Dynamics and is ready to give you meaningful results in a couple of clicks.

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Sign up for a trial today, and not only will you receive a full unrestricted BI4Dynamics license, with all modules activated and our unique Customization Wizard for a full Data Warehouse Automation experience, but we will also set up and install the solution across your data free of charge, and give you 2 half-day workshops at NO CHARGE (This is over $1,000 worth of services).
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