All-in-one Data Warehouse Automation
for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (AX)

Unbeatable content

2.000+ measures, dimensions and attributes are generated automatically.

  • Sales – BI4Dynamics DWH – Power BI
  • Receivables by Year – BI4Dynamics DWH – Power BI
  • Profit and Loss Statement – BI4Dynamics DWH – Power BI
  • Purchase by Year – BI4Dynamics DWH – Power BI
  • Payables by Year – BI4Dynamics DWH – Power BI
  • Inventory Aging – BI4Dynamics DWH – Power BI

Unseen flexibility

Any change to existing or new functionality is just one click away.

Corporate Data Warehouse Solution

Proven Business Intelligence solution built on years of experience and hundreds of implementations. Out-of-the-box support for 15 financial dimensions and additional currency.

Optimised Performance

BI4Dynamics is optimized for best-class performance using SSIS, incremental update and partition process. BI4Dynamics easily process 5 TB of data during the night.


With customization, development, and integration of external data sources, Data Warehouse Automation tool extends your BI4Dynamics beyond your wildest imagination.

Different AX versions

BI4Dynamics supports out of the box from Microsoft Dynamics AX 3 to Dynamics 365. SQL scripts are AX version specific. Data are joined by unified views into one data warehouse.

Multi-database integration

Multiple Microsoft Dynamics AX databases and companies can be integrated into BI4Dynamics Data Warehouse.

Integrate external data sources

Integrate external data sources with SSIS packages that can be easily added to the BI4Dynamics process flow. Create new cubes based on imported data.

Ready to use

BI4Dynamics is a risk-free BI solution that can be installed with a couple of mouse clicks as everything is already developed to give you meaningful results instantly.

Rich Content

8 OLAP cubes that cover most Microsoft Dynamics AX (D365) business application areas. 1.700 BI-fields are available to be used immediately.

New Year, New BI Project?

Sign up for a trial today, and not only will you receive a full unrestricted BI4Dynamics license, with all modules activated and our unique Customization Wizard for a full Data Warehouse Automation experience, but we will also set up and install the solution across your data free of charge, and give you 2 half-day workshops at NO CHARGE (This is over $1,000 worth of services).
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