BI solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

No compromise

The unique data transformation that includes Azure Data Lake and Data warehouse layer ensures no compromising between:

  • querying speed, data size, and number of users,
  • data size and document level details,
  • rich content and project implementation costs.

You can have it all - Content and performance

No compromises on BI content over services

The data transformation process is fully automated, objects are created in minutes. Get 1.500 BI fields covering all areas immediately. Perform any customization without a single line of code.

Ready to crunch any data size

Business Central data are incrementally exported to Azure Data Lake and then to Data Warehouse. Any data size can be processed delivering details on document level.

Save money for Azure subscriptions

BI4Dynamics architecture optimizes the cost of Azure resources and performance. Services used in the Business Intelligence project are chosen wisely and are paused when not in use.

Faster Querying for best user experience

Users can choose Excel or Power BI to query Analysis services model. Data are in memory, so querying is very fast. Inviting more users is done by scaling up the Azure Analysis resource within 1 minute.

Data Transformation ArchitectureCustomization without SQL knowledge

All BC application areas covered

BI4Dynamics automatically copies 179 tables suitable for analytics from BC and brings them to Data Warehouse. In the automated process, BI4Dynamics creates more than 1 million lines of code. The result is an analytical model with more than 1.500 BI fields (KPIs) that can be easily accessible using predefined Power BI or Excel dashboards.
Application Areas with Power BI Dashboards

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