The Flexiest Data Warehouse for Microsoft Dynamics

BI4Dynamics simplifies development to an unseen level. Automatically generates Million rows of code that delivers 2.000 KPIs, builds a data warehouse, OLAP cubes and Tabular Model, and project documentation with a click of a mouse. All customizations and further development can be done with the wizard or manually. 

Customizations and Development Without SQL Knowledge

Revolutionary Customizations

Complete BI Project can be either customized or further developed in five wizard-driven steps. You are using the same tool as our developers when they were rebuilding BI4Dynamics solution. If needed you can mix automatically generated and custom SQL code and still use customization tool with no limitations.

Wizard Driven customization

End users or consultants with ERP background knowledge can deliver most tasks with brief training since the key to success is understanding Microsoft Dynamics data structures. Complete BI Project can be either customized or build in five wizard-driven steps.

Modeling is based on metadata

BI4Dynamics is build based on the FO (AX) / BC (NAV) metadata. This powerful concept ensures that all properties such as field types, table relations, primary keys, etc. are intuitively entered into the user interface and available for you to further extend the BI project.

Documentation with a click of a mouse

The automatically generated white paper delivers all technical details about Data Warehouse architecture, Data Warehouse and OLAP Cubes formulas, dimension hierarchies, top tables information, execution times of top procedures, etc.

Click below for more information and how-to-videos on:

Customization FO (AX)   Customization BC (NAV)

Heavy-lifting development

Runs on latest Microsoft Technology

BI4Dynamics is a fully optimized Business Intelligence solution. On top of the Data Warehouse users can choose the Tabular Model or OLAP Cubes. It incorporates incremental update, partition-based processing, Columnstore index, etc.

100% open SQL scripts for modifications

DWA generates 1 million rows of SQL scripts (T-SQL, XML) that are 100% open for any modification. Sections separated by placeholders structure all SQL scripts. Because of this users have control and understanding when doing manual customizations.

Join all data sources (Microsoft Dynamics + any other)

To integrate external data sources you first integrate SSIS packages to BI4Dynamics Data Warehouse. Then you create new BI structures (facts, dimensions and cubes) with the BI4Dynamics development wizard.

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Superior out of the box BI developed, especially for Microsoft Dynamics.

Unparalleled flexibility that allows your team to be in control of the BI project.

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