Data Warehouse Automation beyond your expectations

Metadata-based wizard-driven development is simple, accurate, and very fast. Modeling requires Dynamics knowledge (what you want) and not technology skills (how to achieve). A corporate data warehouse and tabular model are created by generating million of rows of SQL code. If needed, a manual SQL code inserted into the script will be kept unchanged.

Customizations and Development without SQL Knowledge

Metadata based modeling

BI4Dynamics connects to Microsoft Dynamics FO/BC (on-premises or in the cloud) and reads AOT/Object Metadata. Detailed information about Tables, Columns, Table Relations, Indexes, Enums, and Translations are creating the Metadata model. Object templates are filled with Metadata and generate scripts that create a data warehouse. Every Dynamics FO/BC project is different. As BI4Dynamics uses Metadata all ERP changes can be easily transferred to the BI project.

Wizard driven development

A five-step wizard-driven process (start, select tables, select columns, manage dimensions and manage measures) will drive your team to accomplish customizations of data warehouse accurately and really very fast. With proper training, a person with Dynamics knowledge can deliver most tasks without prior knowledge of data warehouse concepts.

Deliver BI project by yourself

The same tool that our consultants use to build a core data warehouse is available to users. The 175 (BC) or 185 (FO) tables that create 150/175 dimensions (BC/FO) and 1500/2000 measures (BC/FO) are a starting point. Customizing existing content or adding new is easy. Add external source by Power BI (!) generated power query, paste it to SSIS package that will bring data to SQL. These tables are a first-class citizens in wizard-driven development. The best of two words – the flexibility of Power BI and scalability of SQL.

Documentation with a click of a mouse

The same model that generates all scripts is used to generate 100+ page documentation. It includes the latest technical details about architecture, setup (data sources, companies, global dimensions), source of dimensions, attributes, formulas that create a measure, and time intelligence. The last section includes Top table report by data size and Top procedures by exaction time.
Our effort – 120 man-days. Your effort – one click and 45 seconds.

Click below for more information and how-to-videos on:

Customization FO (AX)   Customization BC (NAV)

Heavy-lifting development

Runs on latest Microsoft Technology

BI4Dynamics is a fully optimized Business Intelligence solution. On top of the Data Warehouse users can choose the Tabular Model or OLAP Cubes. It incorporates incremental update, partition-based processing, Columnstore index, etc.

100% open SQL scripts for modifications

DWA generates 1 million rows of SQL scripts (T-SQL, XML) that are 100% open for any modification. Sections separated by placeholders structure all SQL scripts. Because of this users have control and understanding when doing manual customizations.

Join all data sources (Microsoft Dynamics + any other)

To integrate external data sources you first integrate SSIS packages to BI4Dynamics Data Warehouse. Then you create new BI structures (facts, dimensions and cubes) with the BI4Dynamics development wizard.

Superior out of the box BI developed, especially for Microsoft Dynamics.

Unparalleled flexibility that allows your team to be in control of the BI project.

Experiences from 1.000 projects in many industries and company sizes.