BI4Dynamics Helps Dukal Modernize Reporting & Analytics in Dynamics NAV and Improve Visibility into Sales and Operational Data

New York-based manufacturer and innovator modernizes reporting and intelligence in Dynamics NAV with BI4Dynamics, for better visibility into sales and operational data.


Medical Manufacturing


As a leader in the development and manufacturing of medical products, Dukal partners with healthcare professionals to launch innovative solutions to unmet clinical needs. Dukal’s vast product portfolio provides quality solutions across the healthcare continuum for wherever care is given. Working collaboratively with healthcare professionals, Dukal turns innovative ideas into practical patented solutions.


Before using BI4Dynamics, Dukal was using a ten-year-old home-grown sales data warehouse and reporting tool for Microsoft® Dynamics™ NAV. The tool did not provide the level of sales detail and analysis needed by Dukal’s leadership team and neither did it have visualizations for insight.

“We wanted a more modern platform that would allow us to leverage Power BI and Excel to do analysis and build dashboards for all business units and departments,”  said Michael Sedlock, VP of Information Technology at Dukal.

Since starting with BI4Dynamics in November of 2018, the executive team has realized several benefits, including:

  • Saved time and costs with data warehouse automation
  • Visibility into all area of Dynamics NAV data
  • The ability to report on additional measures without coding
  • Improved sales team productivity with pre-built & accessible Power BI & Excel reports
  • Better visibility and reporting with external data sources integration

Saved Time & Costs with Data Warehouse Automation

Data warehouse automation is a tool for creating a centralized repository of enterprise data from which systems and users can pull information for analysis. Building and managing a data warehouse lifecycle is typically a time-consuming and highly technical task that requires a lot of resources and intense knowledge of business system data tables. Before BI4Dynamics, Dukal used a custom-built sales data warehouse that had limited dimensions and measures, and only worked using Internet Explorer®. The data warehouse automation (DWA) offered by BI4Dynamics allowed Dukal to deploy their data warehouse across all application areas in days, instead of weeks, giving them the data centralization needed to build their foundation for reporting & intelligence.

“BI4Dynamics gave us the ability to deploy a data warehouse in days and allowed us to pull from organization-wide data,” said Michael.

Improved Visibility into All NAV Application Areas

BI4Dynamics comes with out-of-the-box  access to 1507 BI fields (KPIs) in Dynamics NAV, making it easy for Dukal to report on all NAV application areas across sales, receivables, inventory, finance, purchasing, warehouse, manufacturing, services, and fixed assets.

“BI4Dynamics gives us the power to report across any NAV application areas we need. We are not just limited to sales and purchasing. This gives us improved visibility and the ability to make better decisions that impact success,” added Michael.

Code-Free Report Customizations

Traditionally, customizing reports and dashboards with additional Dynamics measures and dimensions called for highly technical MDX/DAX coding skills. BI4Dynamics gave Dukal the freedom to extend their reporting using an easy code-free wizard. “We love that we are not limited by reporting. BI4Dynamics lets us easily configure our measures and dimensions so that we can get the reports we need quickly and with no coding,” said Michael.

Improved Team Productivity with Modern Pre-Built Power BI & Excel Reports

“Our sales, operations, and executive teams no longer need to export data to Excel and create their own pivot tables. With BI4Dynamics, our data is accessible from anywhere in Power BI via a browser and is served up with incredible visualizations. This has allowed our teams and decision-makers to be more productive and easily identify trends and opportunities to drive the business forward,” said Michael.

Integrated Enterprise Data

Dukal receives sales tracing data from customers that is vital for sales analysis. The database for reporting on this data was very old and difficult to use.  Because BI4Dynamics allows for the integration of external data sources into the data warehouse using an SSIS integration package and Visual Studio, Dukal is now able to analyze data from Dynamics NAV, on top of vital information across sales tracing.

“BI4Dynamics has transformed how our sales team, executives, operations managers, purchasing team, and product managers access and use our company data for decision-making.”

Michael Sedlock, VP of Information Technology – Dukal

Fully Supported with BI4Dynamics

Michael and his team are happy with the relationship they have built with BI4Dynamics and level of support they received throughout the sales, implementation, and post-launch process.

The BI4Dynamics  team have been truly amazing, they continue to provide an outstanding product with exceptional support. I would recommend BI4Dynamics to anyone who uses BC/NAV or F&O,” added Michael.


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