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Welcome to BI in 60 seconds, the ultimate video hub for all things business intelligence. Whether you’re a seasoned data professional or a newbie to the world of analytics, our carefully curated collection of videos will help you stay on top of the latest trends and best practices in the industry.

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Corporate Financial Reporting

Explore corporate client financial requirements in this episode.

Discover 4 key financial reporting foundations and Tabular editor’s use in statement creation.

Learn about Nesting GL accounts and visualizing financial data. Plus, see use cases of local and corporate currency reporting for international companies.

How to Choose the Right Azure Virtual Machine for Data Warehousing

With 600+ options, it’s hard to find the best VM.

In this episode, learn about VM parameters for data transformation and core requirements for processing speed.

We’ll cover the 3 data warehousing phases and their impact on VM choice. Gain insights to choose the right VM for your Azure project.


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Who is your best customer?

The answer could be just 30 seconds away with BI4Dynamics’ Customer 360 dashboard.

BI4Dynamics’ Customer 360 dashboard provides quick insights. Identify top customers and assess sales, profitability, and receivables. View rankings in industry and track transaction details with ease.

How to check the quality of your development work?

In this episode of BI in 60 seconds, we dive into the topic of data quality in Business Intelligence projects.

With the increasing complexity of BI models, it is important to ensure that data remains accurate and validated over time.

We will show you how BI4Dynamics guarantees data quality with its suite of SQL scripts and checks.


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Unlock the hidden secret of No-code development with Metadata information.

Discover the power of Metadata in no-code dev with BI4Dynamics. Our app connects to MS Dynamics, providing details on tables, columns, primary keys, and relations. Use this key info to design solutions faster.


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Learn how BI4Dynamics’ data validation method can improve data quality, support new user requests, and enhance decision-making in your BI project.

Watch the video now to discover the key to validating data quality and avoiding a potential BI project failure.


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Watch the first episode from BI4Dynamics’ “BI in 60 seconds” series.

In this episode, the solution architect of BI4Dynamics shows the rapidity of creating a data warehouse-based solution including a tabular database in Power BI service.