BI4Dynamics Business Intelligence

BI4Dynamics is a specialized BI solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX & NAV.

BI4Dynamics creates a data warehouse and OLAP database on your existing Microsoft infrastructure (SQL Server and Analysis Services). Most of BI4Dynamics customers are using Excel as a BI front-end client,but any other BI client that can connect to Analysis services can be used to access and distribute information.

BI4Dynamics NAV

  • 14 OLAP Cubes for all business areas.
  • Customization Wizard for easy modification.click48
  • At least 30% more content than competition.

BI4Dynamics AX

  • Multiple AX versions & data sources support.
  • Easy setup for up to 15 financial dimensions.click48
  • ENUM, virtual company support and more.

#1 Business Intelligence solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX & NAV

Why live from report to report if you could have a complete business intelligence solution up and running in couple of hours?

business intelligence for microsoft dynamics
Reporting inside Microsoft Dynamics it’s static, slow, limited and it always ends up being so expensive. Let BI4Dynamics do the hard work! BI4Dynamics is fast to implement, easy to configure and simple to use.
  • Best-class Data Warehouse

  • Rich OLAP Cubes

  • 100+ Predefined Excel Reports

  • Installation and Customization Wizard

  • Multi-database merging

  • Built on Microsoft Technology

  • Multi-language support

  • Open SQL code for modifications

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Delivering Real Business Value

100+ Predefined Excel Reports Included

Predefined reports, dashboards and business graphs are available out of the box to get you started. Every Standard BI4Dynamics application area comes with a set of predefined reports made in Microsoft Excel. Reports are made on best practice approach and cover business needs at all company levels.

  • Covers all Microsoft Dynamics business application areas.

  • At least 30% more content compared to the nearest competitor

  • 100 highly structured, predefined Excel reports ready for immediate use.

  • Available in 21 languages.

  • Affordable pricing (per database, unlimited users) with low TCO.

  • 30 day free trial, fixed BI project price and risk free implementation.

  • Data warehouse based (Kimball star schema) architecture designed for performance, multiple-sources, daily snapshots and incremental load.

  • Uses existing Microsoft infrastructure (SQL database, Excel, Active Directory).

  • User friendly Customization wizard.

  • 100% open SQL code for further development.

  • Well documented and well structured code.

  • Risk free implementation with 30 days trial period.

Clients & Testimonials

More than 750 of happy customers and partners around the globe

  • We needed to find a solution able to meet our reporting requirements and to satisfy our business decision support needs. BI4Dynamics was identified as the solution able to fully meet the organization requirements out-of-the-box.
    Paolo Michele Corna
    CIO at Lacor Hospital
  • “We decided to go with BI4Dynamics because of their excellent support and unique solution which covers all analysing needs and integrates Microsoft Dynamics NAV, LS Retail and Pebblestone fashion out-of-the-box.”
    Jorge Armando Garcia Galvez
  • BI4Dynamics for AX can be flexibly adapted to the company needs and most important BI4Dynamics's skilled and highly motivated support team will go the extra mile.
    Peter Remeijer
    ICT at Intertruck
  • After 1-day pilot project of BI4Dynamics NAV on our data all questions were answered. BI4Dynamics NAV added value to our Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
    Barbara Kosir
    CFO at PharmaSwiss
  • BI4Dynamics for LS Retail gives us everything we need to analyse retail transactions down to store and POS level with a granularity down to 15 minutes.
    Markus Scheodegger
    CFO at Transa Backpacking AG