Minimal impact on your AX database. Maximum value for your business.

BI4Dynamics is built on Data-Warehouse approach aimed at unlimited sources, companies, and currencies and comes with the Wizard and prebuilt Excel & Power BI reports.


Open SQL code for further development, rich documentation and short learning time.


Translated in most commonly used world languages.

Rich OLAP Cubes

8 OLAP cubes that cover most Microsoft Dynamics AX business application areas.

Ready to use

Prebuild Excel and Power BI reports are ready for immediate data visualization.

Out-of-the box

Step by step installation wizard makes you up and running in couple of hours.


Affordable pricing (per database, unlimited users) with low TCO. Also available as subscription.

Risk free

30 day free trial, fixed BI project price and risk free implementation.

Best-class Data Warehouse

Data warehouse based architecture (Kimball star schema) using stored procedures for development flexibility and SSIS option for faster execution.

Built on Microsoft Stack

Uses existing Microsoft infrastructure: SQL database, Power BI, Excel, Active Directory.

Different AX versions in one Data warehouse

SQL scripts are version specific and AX version specific. Data are joined by unified views into one integral data warehouse.

Corporate BI Solution

Proven corporate Business Intelligence solution built on years of experience and hundreds implementations, answers your questions in an environment you already know.

15 Financial Dimensions

15 Financial Dimensions with global definition and mapping in local companies with support for additional currency.

New BI4Dynamics AX Wizard

New BI4Dynamics customization wizard for Microsoft Dynamics AX will extend your corporate Business Intelligence beyond your wildest imagination.

Try BI4Dynamics including the wizard:

  • Our Complete Business Intelligence Solution is available during the trial period.
  • We will guide you through the implementation of BI4Dynamics on your actual Microsoft Dynamics Data with full support at no cost.
  • After installing BI4Dynamics, your data will continuously be transformed to relevant information.
  • Thereafter, we will connect your data to Excel and Power BI reports and assist you with evaluating, analyzing, and monitoring your data.