Specialized BI Solution
for Microsoft Dynamics AX

BI4Dynamics is built on Data-Warehouse approach aimed at unlimited sources, companies, and currencies and comes with the Wizard and prebuilt Excel & Power BI reports.

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Rich OLAP Cubes

8 OLAP cubes that cover most Microsoft Dynamics AX business application areas.

Different AX versions

SQL scripts are AX version specific. Data are joined by unified views into one data warehouse.

Corporate BI Solution

Proven Business Intelligence solution built on years of experience and hundreds implementations.

15 Financial Dimensions

Out-of-the box support for 15 financial dimensions and additional currency.

Ready to use

BI4Dynamics is out-of-the box BI solution specialized for AX that is ready to use in 1 day.


Customization and development wizard will extend your corporate Business Intelligence beyond your wildest imagination.

Optimized Performance

BI4Dynamics is optimized for best-class performance using SSIS, incremental update and partition process.

Multi-database integration

Multiple Microsoft Dynamics AX databases and companies can be integrated into BI4Dynamics Data Warehouse.

New BI4Dynamics AX Wizard

New BI4Dynamics customization wizard for Microsoft Dynamics AX will extend your corporate Business Intelligence beyond your wildest imagination.

Solution Architecture

BI4Dynamics is a data warehouse solution. Watch the video to see:

  • BI4Dynamics behind the scenes
  • How data warehouse is made?
  • How BI4Dynamics’s SQL code looks like?
  • How to customize the solution?
  • What is delivered out of the box when you buy BI4Dynamics?