Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Intelligence

How to get all-inclusive BI content without sacrificing performance within 1 day?

New edge analysis for D365BC without compromising BI content over performance

BI4Dynamics’s unique data transformation of getting data suitable for analytics from D365BC to Power BI includes Azure Data Lake and Data warehouse layers to ensures no compromising between:
  • Querying speed, data size, and the number of users.
  • Data size and document level details.
  • Rich content and project implementation costs.

Added bonus: complete solution can be customized without using a single line of code. You can even bring any field from BC extensions.

If you are tired of spending time, money, and resources on doing all sorts of exercises to get the data out from Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC), it’s time for BI4Dynamics D365 Cloud.

Handicaps when connecting with Power BI to BC directly?

  • Lossing details because of aggregation.
  • Compromises on BI content over performance.
  • Slow connection is causing big delays in querying.
  • Adding fields requires additional services.

The value of having special data layers between BC and Power BI?

  • Can crunch any data size on a document level.
  • Users can choose Excel or Power BI.
  • Data are in memory so querying is lightning fast.
  • Incremental export to Azure Data Lake.

Top 5 killing out-of-the-box BI content you get from day 1.

  • Financial reporting with 20 Global dimensions.
  • Sales analysis with 253 measures.
  • Inventory aging for in-depth bucket analysis.
  • Purchase delivery performance.
  • The smartest time intelligence.

You must also know that:

  • A fully automated data warehouse solution is implemented in a couple of days.
  • BI4Dynamics comes with 150 intelligent dashboards in Power BI and Excel.
  • You can join multiple currencies and companies within 1 data warehouse.
  • You can add fields from any Extension of BC to BI – without using a single line of code.
  • Or change any of 1507 measures and 147 dimensions that are generated out of 179 tables.
  • A monthly subscription is starting from 125€ for 3 modules.

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