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BI4Dynamics Sessions at Dynamics Minds 2024

Getting data out of F&O

Getting Data out of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations:
A Comprehensive Guide


  • Approaches to extract, transform, and leverage data from Dynamics F&O, going beyond the conventional methods.
  • Advanced integration strategies, such Dataverse, Azure Synapse and Fabric integration with Power BI or SQL database to elevate your analytics game.
  • Synapse Link for Dataverse and Fabric, tracing its historic evolution and understanding how it enhances data accessibility and analytics capabilities.
  • Detailed comparison, covering settings, security, capabilities, and costs, providing valuable insights for decision-making.
  • 50+ real-world use cases, assessing cost-effectiveness and analytics outcomes.
  • Best practices for seamless data integration with F&O and gain insights into future trends and innovations.

Join us on this journey, where expertise meets innovation, transforming your business intelligence landscape.

Getting Data Out of Business Central and Analytical Modeling

This session provides a comprehensive exploration of the issues and strategies involved in extracting data from Business Central and analytical modeling. Addressing key challenges such as availability, replication, and consumption, the session compares the pros and cons of Power BI and alternative tools.

  • Emphasizing Power BI’s simplicity and self-creation versus the complexity of other tools, especially in handling diverse data sources.
  • An overview of data transformation concepts covers API, BC2ALS, BACPAC, custom connectors, Dataverse and Power BI Apps.
  • Real-life implementations are compared in terms of setup, latency, data throughput, usability, limitations, and costs.

This session serves as an informative guide, explaining concepts like API, Azure SQL, BACPAC, custom connectors, Dataverse, data warehousing, ETL, ELT, Fabric, and OData. It provides practical insights for choosing the most suitable approach in extracting data and creating analytical models from Business Central.

Getting data out of BC and analytical modeling
Paradigm Shift: BI4Dynamics' Cloud-Based Data Warehouse

About Presenter

Mladen Gvozdenović, CEO of BI4Dynamics, pioneered the first Navision solution center in the Adriatic region in 1996.

Growing it to over 100 employees, he successfully sold the center in 2011. Recognizing the challenges faced by Dynamics partners in the BI space, he founded BI4Dynamics with a mission to simplify BI solution processes.

Mladen continues to lead as CEO and Solution Architect at BI4Dynamics, the foremost BI solution for Microsoft Dynamics.

Renowned for his passion for the latest Microsoft technologies, Mladen ensures BI4Dynamics remains at the cutting edge. Known for its self-service nature, rapid implementation, and wizard-driven customizations, BI4Dynamics under Mladen’s leadership remains committed to making BI more accessible and efficient for businesses.

Paradigm Shift: BI4Dynamics’ Cloud-Based Data Warehouse

BI4Dynamics introduces its Microsoft Fabric-based data warehouse, seamlessly integrating Fabric with Microsoft Dynamics.

Explore the paradigm shift in business intelligence – join the session to experience it firsthand.


Effortless Data Transformation

  • 15-minute installation (Fabric Capacity, Workspace, ETL, Data Warehouse, Semantic Layer, and Power BI Reports).
  • One Lake Medallion framework best practices and guidance for the life cycle of BI projects.
  • Fabric compute engines guarantee unmatched efficiency and scalability.
  • With 90% of BI projects already completed, Data Warehouse Automation empowering users to gain insights faster than ever before.
  • Integrated Semantic layer in the form of tabular databases hosted by Fabric (default), Azure Analysis Services, or Power BI Premium.


Embracing Diverse Data Utilization Methods

  • Supports all current Microsoft connectors for D365 Finance & Operations.
  • Custom-built D365 Business Central connector for maximal output performance.
  • Seamlessly integrates all Microsoft Dynamics and any other sources into one data warehouse.


Efficiency in Project Execution

  • BI4Dynamics slashes modeling costs with a user-friendly customization wizard for no-code customization.
  • Built on best practices, the model includes 50 transaction tables, 150 dimension tables, and 2000 immediately available KPIs.
  • Extensive Report Repository with over 150 customizable Power BI reports, providing tailored insights for informed decision-making, all without the headache of starting from scratch.


Supporting Global Organizations

  • Analyze across multiple tenants, companies across the globe by using local and corporate currency for reporting.
  • Use Unlimited global (financial) dimensions, calendar and fiscal date with rich time intelligence. Unlock insights with self-service BI
  • Free Community Edition, allowing you to explore and utilize BI4Dynamics’ capabilities.
  • Experience transparent pricing, which offers affordable rates and fast ROI, matching those of on-premises options. Bypass the modeling hurdles and gain actionable insights with unparalleled speed, efficiency, and flexibility.