No-code customizations: Customizations and Development Without SQL Knowledge

Easy customizations

Customization, new vertical development, or external data sources integration is as easy as 1,2,3 because of our revolutionary approach. You are using the same tool as our developers when they were rebuilding the BI4Dynamics solution.

Fast development

Modeling of new BI content is very fast because the BI4Dynamics development wizard is based on BC Metadata. SQL engine will support any model that you design and crunch any data size that you have now or in the future.

Empowerment of consultants

Microsoft Dynamics consultants can deliver changes with brief training. The key to success is understanding Microsoft Dynamics data structures. Complete BI Project can be either customized or build in five wizard-driven steps.

Open for manual customizations

DWA generates SQL scripts (T-SQL, XML) that are 100% open for modification. Sections separated by placeholders structure all SQL scripts. Developers can mix automatically generated and custom SQL code and still use the DWA tool with no limitations.

Superior out of the box BI developed, especially for Microsoft Dynamics.

Unparalleled flexibility that allows your team to be in control of the BI project.

Experiences from 1000 projects in many industries and company sizes.

The Flexiest Data Warehouse for D365BC

BI4Dynamics simplifies development to an unseen level. Automatically generates tens of thousands of rows of SQL code that builds a corporate data warehouse, cubes, and project documentation with a click of a mouse.

Out-of-the-box content for immediate start

  • Our data warehouse is built with 179 tables suitable for analytics.
  • From these tables, we developed a Tabular model covering 14 application areas, 147 dimensions, and 1507 measures organized in 73 measure groups. For example, our Sales cube has 253 measures organized into 6 measure groups.
  • With such rich content, BI4Dynamics offers a very high readiness for immediate implementation. We know that there is a GAP, but a GAP with our solution is much smaller.

One-click documentation

  • One-click to create documentation for the project.
  • Documentation includes everything that we have developed over the years and all the changes that your team has just delivered to the BI solution.
  • IT team will have a track of work that has been delivered. Business users will find details for measure definition (for example, Inventory Turnover) or source of dimension attribute by themself. They will not bother IT for the explanation.
  • Standard documentation has 109 pages.

We know every detail of your D365BC

  • BI4Dynamics can incorporate your complete BC solution, either the standard Microsoft part, the ISV solution that has been integrated, or the customizations that your team has done.
  • Including the latest changes in underlying BC architecture and we fully support Extensions as a part of the Metadata and modeling process.
  • When you add new content to BC, the metadata-based wizard will enable adding new content to your BI solution with a click of a mouse.
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