BI4Dynamics in Action! Receivables Analysis

Get More from Your Dynamics Data! 

Take a tour of the BI4Dynamics dashboards available for receivables Analysis. The receivables cube comes with 50 measures!

Easy, Fast, Affordable Business Intelligence for Dynamics Users 

With more than 15 years of experience in the Dynamics reporting space and over 1,000 satisfied customers around the globe, BI4Dynamics offers unmatched data transformation & reporting so you can turn your Dynamics data into powerful intelligence. 

  • Save the time and money spent on creating & maintaining custom Dynamics reports 
  • Get setup in less than a day with a plug-and-play data warehouse 
  • Enjoy lightning-fast reporting with over 150 out of the box Power BI reports  developed by business leaders
  • Report on your Dynamics fields, KPI’s and drill down into your data levels  
  • Customize to your unique needs with an easy-to-use wizard – no coding needed 

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Get finished BI projects in days, instead of months – with ZERO coding required

BI4Dynamics can deliver a complete BI solution in a matter of days, regardless of your company size, industry, or complexity.

BI4Dynamics supports all versions and deployments of Microsoft Dynamics – cloud or on-premise. Whether you are using Dynamics NAV, AX, 365 Business Central or Finance & Operations, BI4Dynamics has you covered!

All Areas of Dynamics – Covered! 

BI4Dynamics automatically copies 150+ tables and brings them into your Data Warehouse. BI4Dynamics automatically generates more than 1 million lines of code. The result is an analytical model with more than 1,500 BI fields (KPIs) that can be easily accessible using predefined Power BI or Excel dashboards. 

You can have it all - Content and performance

No compromises on BI content over services

The data transformation process is fully automated: objects are created in minutes. Get 1.500 BI fields covering all areas immediately. Perform any customization without a single line of code. 

Save on your Azure subscriptions

The BI4Dynamics architecture optimizes the cost of Azure resources and performance. Services used in the Business Intelligence project are chosen wisely and are paused when not in use, reducing your costs. 

Ready to crunch any data size

Business Central OR NAV data is incrementally exported to Azure Data Lake and then to Data Warehouse. Any data size can be processed, delivering details on the document level. 

Faster Querying for best user experience

Users can choose Excel or Power BI to query the analysis services model. Data is in memory, so querying is lightning fast. Inviting more users is easy and done by scaling up the Azure Analysis resource within 1 minute. 

BI4Dynamics wizard makes customizations easy

BI4Dynamics uses a metadata-based wizard, making development simple, accurate, and very fast. Modelling your data requires knowing what you want – BI4Dynamics handles the rest! Users do not need technical programming skills or custom SQL code. With BI4Dynamics, a corporate data warehouse and tabular model are created for you and generate over a million rows of SQL code – so that you get automated, code-free business intelligence for your Dynamics system.


Gone are the days of complex and expensive Dynamics reports! 

See how BI4Dynamics is putting the power of data warehouse and intelligence in the hands of Dynamics users.