BI4Dynamics Helps Armen Living with out of the box Dynamics NAV Reporting & Analytics and Improves Visibility into Sales and Operational Data

Armen Living

BI4Dynamics transformed Armen Living’s reporting process, providing real-time, detailed data insights that empowered their sales team and streamlined decision-making across departments.

Armen Living

Furniture market


With more than 40 years in the furniture market, Armen Living is an American industry leader in contemporary furniture, providing a vast product selection across several categories within home and interior.

Armen Living’s fully integrated supply chain and major warehousing capacity allow for full control and agility in an ever-changing retail and e-commerce market.

The Situation

Before using BI4Dynamics, Armen Living relied heavily on exports from Microsoft® Dynamics™ NAV for sales, warehousing, purchasing information, and Excel.

The reports were being created almost on daily bases. Visualizations did not provide Armen with the insights required by their staff, sales team, and management.

The created reports were not data-driven or granular enough to help design and execute the strategies necessary to compete in today’s dynamic business environment.

“With BI4Dynamics, we have harnessed the potential of our data and the insights we gain empower our teams across all departments to make data-driven decisions every day.” 

Said Kevin Kevonian,  President of Armen Living.

Implementation and Results

Since starting with BI4Dynamics, the executive team has realized several benefits, including:

  • Automatic and programmatic movement of data at the end of each day into an open architecture SQL data warehouse – we do not have to know anything about any table in NAV.
  • Pre-built best-in-class PowerBI dashboards for the finance and operations team.
  • Provides our salespeople secure access to daily sales data, instantly improving the ability to develop more targeted sales efforts.
  • Saves time and resources on creating reports and dashboards.
  • Allows us visibility in all areas in Dynamics NAV, and prompts us to keep a cleaner database and master records while making it possible for us to detect and resolve previously unknown issues.

Pre-Built Dashboards Empower the Sales Team

Before BI4Dynamics, sales reporting was prepared weekly by the data team. The reports lacked itemization and visualization and thus prevented management from easily focusing on key customers. Itemized sales data took a considerable amount of time for the data team to gather and was created only upon request.

With daily updated NAV data from BI4Dynamics, sales dashboards now deliver itemized sales and KPIs to Armen Living’s sales team, enabling them to identify issues and improve sales performance with targeted strategies.

Saving Resources on Reporting

In the past, many key operational tasks across departments depended on reporting from the data team, resulting in consuming a significant amount of resources. This took away valuable time from our Data Supervisor ‘Louisa Eremita’ from her other essential tasks like in-depth analysis needed for business strategy development, production planning, and pricing.

Now company departments no longer rely on their data team for reporting – they have all the information they need at their fingertips. That further freed up our resources and provided instant access to crucial information to make timely decisions – eliminating the need to wait for reports.

Visibility into all Areas of NAV

We never had the capacity to analyse other areas within NAV and did not  normally use visualizing areas of NAV. BI4Dynamcis gave us the full 360 degree picture of how many functionalities we were not taking full advantage of. We are now working towards enhancing our inventory data to gain better insights into inventory movement add more attributes, etc. . And, by extension, other application areas such as purchasing, customer service, and sales would also see improved visibility and provide actionable insights.

Overall, we finally have a highly cost effective analytics platform that we can use for daily reporting at the most granular level as well can have all the historical data in one place along with all key dashboards and metrics. And we were up and running in no time with good training and post-implementation support from the BI4Dynamics team.


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