BI4Dynamics Helps Dräger Bring Business Intelligence together using different versions of Dynamics NAV

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Draeger selected BI4Dynamics for its ability to simplify technology, ensure scalability and provide transparency across different ERP systems. They plan to continue using it for centralizing reporting and expanding its usage to other systems.

Dräger Germany

Medical and Safety Technology


Dräger is a manufacturer of medical and safety technology products. In so doing, they protect, support, and save people’s lives worldwide in hospitals, fire departments, emergency services, authorities, mining, and other industries. Founded in Lübeck in 1889, Dräger has grown into a worldwide listed enterprise, already into its fifth generation as a family-run business. Dräger has more than 15,000 employees worldwide and is present in over 190 countries around the globe. In 2021, the company generated net sales of around EUR 3.3 billion.

Dräger technology is used all over the world. They operate in around 50 countries with their own sales and service companies directly in the location where customers are.

The Situation

Dräger faced a challenge in integrating its business intelligence across various versions of Dynamics NAV. They needed a Business Intelligence (BI) solution that would be actively maintained and supported and able to adapt to future technologies as system upgrades occur. Implementing BI4Dynamics as a solution brought transparency across all ERP systems and was scalable to all 27 Navision systems globally.


“We needed a BI solution that is actively maintained and supported across different versions of the Dynamics landscape, as well as being able to deal with future technologies as system upgrades occur.”
Charles Pretorius – IT Expert Navision, Dräger


“We were searching for a solution that is bringing transparency across all our ERP Systems and that is scalable to all 27 Navisions across the entire world.”

Mathias Dembske – Product Owner BI Platform Services, Dräger

Rapid data integration; customizations made easy

In Charles’ words: “Having tools needed to identify customisations in the Dynamics platform that can be readily applied to the BI solution allow us to bring new data to the BI platform in an easy-to-understand way. This allows us to bring new data to the business in the shortest amount of time.”

The ability to identify customizations in the Dynamics platform and easily apply them to the BI solution allows for quick and effortless integration of new data into the platform. This speeds up the process of bringing new insights to the business and is a key advantage of BI4Dynamics.

A future-proof solution

Charles stated:

“The BI4Dynamics solution can deal with changes to having the underlying Dynamics system being upgraded. This in turn limits business disruption when dealing with new systems now and into the future.”

This is a prime example of how BI4Dynamics helps organizations future-proof their Dynamics systems. Charles specifically highlighted the ability of the solution to deal with changes to the underlying Dynamics system, including upgrades. This capability helps limit business disruption and ensures compatibility with new systems now and in the future. This is an important aspect for organizations that are looking to upgrade their Dynamics systems, as it allows for a smooth transition with minimal interruption to business operations.

The importance of support during implementation; Draeger’s experience with BI4Dynamics

The implementation process for BI4Dynamics at Dräger was smooth and easy. Charles added, “It was like learning to ride a bicycle. BI4Dynamics held our hands through the first implementation, after which we could deal with the next on our own. BI4Dynamics continues to support and advise us when we have occasional incidents”. This highlights the importance of good support and guidance during the initial phase of implementation that BI4Dynamics provides.

Simplifying the technological landscape and reducing costs

Mathias continued:

“Single Source of truth, one interface for BI, and several interfaces between Navision and BI4dynamics.”

This means reducing the total costs of ownership by providing a single solution that meets the needs of all Dynamics versions.

Dräger’s journey to a single source of truth with BI4Dynamics

Moving forward, Dräger plans to continue using BI4Dynamics for centralizing reporting and data warehousing. They are also planning to migrate more data from other systems and processes such as Accounts Receivables, Cost Center Reporting, and Logistics. This shows how BI4Dynamics can be used as a single source of truth to be integrated with other systems to make data more accessible and actionable.

Scalability and Integration; BI4Dynamics in other areas of Draeger’s business

In conclusion, Draeger has been a satisfied customer of BI4Dynamics for several years, praising the stability and reliability of the solution, as well as the support and guidance provided during the implementation process. They are planning to expand the use of BI4Dynamics to other areas of their business in the future.


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