Business Central Cockpit

The Business Central Cockpit, powered by BI4Dynamics, is a comprehensive app designed to streamline business operations and provide insightful data for decision-making.


1. General

Each Power BI app is built for one application area. The demo data has been created by BI4Dynamics ensuring a realistic view of business operations. This and a set of reports demonstrates how you can use Power BI for running your business.


2. Installation

This is a standard Power BI app installation. By downloading the application from Microsoft AppSource, you will then login to your Power BI tenant. Two files (BI4Dynamics dataset and Power BI report) are going to be copied from our development tenant to your tenant. At the same time a Power BI App will be created in your tenant for better navigation experience.

Currently app does not support connecting to your data. This will be available soon.

3. Application areas


Sales offers an analytical overview of Sales and Receivables transactions. It includes 16 out-of-the-box Power BI reports ranging from Sales overview by year and month, orders, budgets, customer and item analysis, new business analysis, first/last transactions and more.

Sales Posted Transactions:  allow you to analyze various aspects of sales values and quantities including Customer, Item and Document statistics.

Sales Order Transactions: allows you to analyze sales orders by most common fields that are available in Sales Header or Sales Line.

Sales Budget Transactions: enables you to compare budgets, actuals, and variances.

Receivables Transactions (comprehensive): includes basic receivables information about your customers.



All aplication areas

Following features are available in all areas:

Time Intelligence: App includes advanced time intelligence features, like of Year-to-Date (YTD), Year-over-Year (YoY), last 12 months, and moving averages. This helps you understand trends and patterns over time.

Efficiency: The app provides standardized formatted (colored) user experience across all areas, making the reporting process more efficient and streamlined.

Document level granularity: transaction or document is the lowest level of data granularity in Business Central and BI4Dynamics. This allows you to drill down / up by any data levels within the same report.

4. Prerequisites

You need a Power BI free license to explore the sample data in your Power BI Service.  and save it to your My workspace.

5. Contact us

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