Tabular model in BI4Dynamics

We’ll take a look at why using Tabular model is better than using Multidimensional.

The solution is faster in processing, faster in querying (browsing data), and easier to modify compared to Multidimensional.

Discover the power of Tabular Model solutions for your business at BI4Dynamics, where we specialize in crafting comprehensive and agile data analytics frameworks. Our Tabular Model approach enables businesses to analyze and visualize massive datasets with ease, empowering decision-makers to extract valuable insights. Experience lightning-fast data processing, seamless integration with popular BI tools, and the flexibility to adapt to your evolving business needs – all with the robust and scalable Tabular Model architecture.

User experience

  • Tabular Model vs Multidimensional Cubes
  • Excel on SQL 2016 vs SQL 2019
  • Adding Measures in Power BI

Query performance

  • Engine: Tabular vs Multidimensional
  • BI client: Power BI vs Excel
  • Limitations: too many columns or too many slicers

Processing performance

  • Engine: Tabular vs Multidimensional
  • Source: Rowstore vs Columnstore
  • Azure Analysis Services (DEV, B1,B2, S)

Data size (compression)

  • Data transformation patterns
  • Key parameters affecting memory data size

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