BI4Dynamics Helps Taqeef Enhance Strategic Reporting & BI in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Dubai-based company extends reporting and analytics in Dynamics NAV with BI4Dynamics, for better insights into their businesses around the world.

Taqeef / Kimera

Air Conditioning/Manufacturing


Taqeef has been defining the air conditioning market in the Middle East since its inception in 1972. Back then their focus was on finding the best technology to cope with the extreme climate in the Middle East, and in this regard, not much has changed. Taqeef is still relentless in the pursuit of the best and is privileged to remain the benchmark for excellence in a region where cooling is synonymous with quality of life.

The Situation:

Taqeef uses Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV for accounting, enterprise resource planning, sales, inventory management, and financial reporting. They needed a BI tool to help with advanced reporting of their businesses in UAE, Iraq, and Morocco. In Iraq, Taqeef possesses 57% of the air-conditioning market.

“The main challenge prior BI4Dynamics was the initiative to fully automate the data reporting of our businesses in UAE, Iraq, and Morocco, with the sole purpose to strengthen our decision making.
Hence, we needed a business intelligence tool to help us analyze manufacturing, accounting, and finance data. BI4Dynamics was recommended to us. After reviewing the capabilities, we made the decision to implement and we are very satisfied with how the solution has supported our businesses.”
Said Karim Bedair – Financial Reporting Manager, Taqeef

Time-Saving and thorough Analytical Business Reports

Since starting with BI4Dynamics in 2019, the executive team has realized several benefits, including the ability to consolidate and analyze sales data, analyze profit margins, track AR and AP, lead cash flow analysis, minimize the cost of production and maximize profit. Taqeef can now optimize selling the best products at the best prices using the best distribution channels in every company. Due to their need for fast and extensive reports, Taqeef has chosen the most advanced package ”Enterprise Unlimited” which includes all business modules.

“We chose to have all modules due to the high-speed and extensiveness our Demo Trial Reports has shown.
Hence, we realized having fast and thorough information about various departments of each of our companies can never hurt.” continued Karim.

Simple and User-Friendly Interface

Like every other company, Taqeef’s most frequent users of business reports are its managers and financial analysts.
Hence, the IT knowledge of their most frequent users is not on such a level that will enable them to use coding for modifying the reports according to every need that may arouse at every particular moment of one business day.

Fortunately, the solution architects of BI4Dynamics were taking into consideration this pain of different BI users and offered an easy Drag & Drop Wizard Customization Tool.

“We adore how easy and fast for customization the BI4Dynamics’s reports are. The Wizard Customization Tool is very useful when I want to change the report dimension to obtain the desired information at one particular moment.”

Rich content and corporate features

Taqeef has integrated databases from UAE, Iraq, and Morocco into one data warehouse. They analyze data they are using the same global financial dimensions and one corporate reporting currency, a feature of BI4Dynamics.

“The reports are rich with information displayed by eye-pleasing graphs that are very easy to read.
A very useful feature is the dynamic of these reports, which is displaying the information of the very same day when we are looking at the report.”

Fast implementation of 5 days

Regardless of the magnitude of their databases, BI4Dynamics had successfully integrated databases and implemented the solution in only 5 days.

Fully Supported with BI4Dynamics

The Taqeef’s ERP and Finance teams have been happy with the relationship they have built with BI4Dynamics.

“We trust and base every decision in our companies on the information given by BI4Dynamics. Hence, we have increased the number of users by 8 times since the beginning of our collaboration. “ 

The company plans to expand its usage of the solution around more companies around the world. Moreover, Taqeef is considering implementing the AX solution from BI4Dynamics.


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