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Leading BI content for D365 Finance and Operations within 1 week

Get ready for Data in Azure Data Lake

The most wanted data export feature is according to Microsoft coming as a public preview this month. Finance and Operations data in Azure Data Lake (ADL) previously known also as BYOL will replace the Bring your own Database (BYOD) concept and make:
  • Tables accessible almost live (few minutes latency)
  • Possible creating analytical models based on Tables without modeling limitation with Data Entities.

Our unique data transformation based on ADL, with fully automated Data Warehouse and Analysis Services, ensures powerful analysis without compromising content, querying experience, project duration, and cost.

Join us at the workshop and find out:

  • The value of your D365 F&O data with BI4Dynamics out-of-the-box content.
  • Power and simplicity of Metadata (AOT) wizard-driven customization.
  • Immediate availability of POC on Tier 2 and much more!

Check out our leading BI content with 49 measure groups, 171 dimensions, and 2107 measures from 185 tables on Wednesday, Mar 17 at 10 AM CET.

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If you are tired of spending time, money, and resources on doing all sorts of exercises to get the data out from Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, it’s time for BI4Dynamics D365 Cloud. Register for a webinar to find out more.

Handicaps when using Bring your own database (BYOD) concept?

  • Not reliable – possible duplicates.
  • Processing is taking a lot of time because it’s processed in batches.
  • Slow – can’t perform with bigger databases.
  • BYOD Entities option is rigid and each change needs to be done using code.
  • BYOD Table option requires extensive programming in the outside model.

The value of F&O data in Azure Data Lake (BYOL) & BI4Dynamics

  • All your data (including tables and entities) are also available in Azure Data Lake.
  • The data is updated within minutes.
  • Source for BI4Dynamics Data Warehouse and Analysis database.
  • 1-day wizard-driven installation of more than 2000 BI fields.
  • All customizations can be done without using a single line of code.

You must also know that:

  • A fully automated data warehouse solution is implemented in a couple of days.
  • BI4Dynamics comes with 150 intelligent dashboards in Power BI and Excel.
  • You can join multiple currencies and companies within 1 data warehouse.
  • You can add all customizations and additional fields from F&O to BI – without using a single line of code.
  • Or change any of 2107 measures and 171 dimensions that are generated out of 185 tables.
  • A monthly subscription is starting from 585€ for 6 modules.

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