Pivot table field list that contains BI4Dynamics dimensions and measures. Attributes are automatically positioned in pivot table rows and columns by dragging and dropping.


Sales YTD (Year-to-Date) Overview

Sales YTD (Year-to-Date) Overview

Sales analysis isn’t complete without Year-to-Date selection of measures. This table enables the
view of Net Sales, Sales Invoiced Quantity and Profit.

Sales Delivery Performance Dashboard

Sales Delivery Performance Dashboard

Track Sales Delivery Performance based on difference between Shipment date and one of following dates: Planned Delivery / Planned Shipment / Promised Delivery / Requested Delivery.


Receivables Analysis

Table with top 2 charts on the left shows Receivables Due / Overdue structure. The table on the right shows customer details for a specific overdue bucket.

Receivables Table

Receivables Table

Complete receivables view of top 20 Customers by Balance with special KPIs like % of Total Receivables, % of Total Sales, Sales on Credit and customers’ payment habits.


Account Schedules

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV users can define their own Account Schedule, after processing it with BI4Dynamics, Account Schedules will be shown in Excel. 100% flexibility. No IT staff. No IT vendor.




Sales over Years – ACY