What’s new – BI4Dynamics FO/AX Release

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  • Use enterprise-grade BI4Dynamics solution, published to Power BI Premium.
  • Select any of the 45 transactional and 135-dimensional tables to your model.
  • Any other data 120+ Power BI connector into the Power BI report model.
  • Publish to Power BI service and share your personal /departmental model with your team.

This is a true convergence of corporate and personal BI.

BI4Dynamics F&O 8.0 – November 2020

This is the first 64-bit release that introduces the Tabular Model for Analysis Services. The solution is faster in processing, faster in querying (browsing data), and easier to modify compared to Multidimensional. Users can choose Tab or MDX model on top of the Data Warehouse. Partners are invited to preview the Cloud-based solution.
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BI4Dynamics AX 7.2

April 2020

Columnstore is a must-have. 6 x data compression, 7 x faster Data Warehouse processing time, 8x shorter query time in Power BI.


  • Added Columnstore.
  • Added support for SQL 2019.

Changes apply to DWA edition. System requirement: SQL 2016 Standard.

BI4Dynamics FO/AX 7.1 – October 2019

DW solution for D365 Finance and Operations in preview with BYOD concept

Now available as a preview of the Data Warehouse solution for D365 FO. We have automated the FO and SQL part to enable fast deployment and customization process. Features:

  • Automated Data Entities creation (1 Data Entity = 1 Table)
  • Automated Package creation
  • Rich out of the box functionality (same as On-Premise)
  • DW Automation tool with all customization features (same as On-Premise)

All content and flexibility we’ve developed over the years are now available for deployments in the cloud.

Improvements in underlying DWA platform

AX and FO solution are sharing the same underlying DWA platform. This version includes more efficient index management, faster instance loading and improvements in UI experience managing dimensions and measures, and much more.

FO Microsoft Dynamics preview of BI4Dynamics

BI4Dynamics AX 7.0 – January 2019

Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) is the most crucial part of our development strategy. In this BI4Dynamics AX release, all SQL code is generated automatically. Any change to existing or new functionality is just one click away. We rebuilt the complete BI solution from scratch. A result in DWA edition is the same content as in our Standard edition that has been developed over the years.
Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds: content and flexibility.

White Paper

Data Warehouse Automation at its best

Modeling is based on metadata (AOT)

BI4Dynamics collects all AOT information about tables, enums and generates BI structures much faster and without errors. This significantly improves user’s productivity.

No code development, no SQL knowledge needed

Development is done through an intuitive user interface by selecting AX objects (tables, fields) and applying right names to BI objects (dimensions, measure). The rest is taken care by BI4Dynamics code generator.

All code is 100% open for further modification

Sometimes it is necessary to add a specific SQL code into the existing script. This feature supports further DWA code generation of the same script and preserving manual code intact.

One click documentation generation

Complete BI project documentation is generated with a click of a mouse. It includes details about architecture, formulas, hierarchies, as well as Top tables by size and Execution times of top procedures.

Keeping all Data Warehouse features

Built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics FO (AX) business

Expandable to complex data models with many entities

Scalable for larger databases with intensive daily processing

A single point of truth for corporate reporting

BI4Dynamics AX 6.5 – December 2018

BI4Dynamics latest release brings easy integration of external data sources into BI4Dynamics.


  1. Create SSIS packages to add any data source type (SQL, Excel, text, and other).
  2. Fine tune SQL scripts to fit BI4Dynamics Data Warehouse concept.
  3. Add a SSIS package to the BI4Dynamics process flow.
  4. Create a new cube based on tables from external data with the Wizard.


  • Added integration of external data sources.
  • Added management for deploying stage.


  • Added support for all data warehouse schemas.
  • Added management of tables from external data source that don’t have CompanyID or primary key.

BI4Dynamics AX 6.4 – September 2018

BI4Dynamics latest release brings even better Customization and Development wizard and new BI content across all application areas.


  • Added attribute Past to Date dimension.
  • Added measures to Sales cube:
    • Sales Order Open Qty Financial.
    • Sales Order Open Amount Financial (Base, Posted and ACY).


  • Availability to add tables from HelpSetupDimFact and Metadata schemas (before Stage Schema was available to add) in Wizard functionality for building cubes and dimensions.
  • Improved translation management.
  • Improved display folder management.


  • Stabilized SSIS process flow management.
  • Stabilized SASS partition management.

BI4Dynamics AX 6.3 – May 2018

Planning an upgrade to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations? Use best-in-class content in BI4Dynamics Data Warehouse or Cubes as a Power BI foundation.


  • Inventory state and aging – Incremental item load with a new transaction fact. State for each item on a specific day. It doesn’t calculate the last member.
  • Data Warehouse Optimization – Speeds up staging part of data warehouse and improves overall BI4Dynamics performance.
  • Customization and development wizard for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.

Latest release Microsoft Dynamics

BI4Dynamics AX 6.2 – April 2018

BI4Dynamics latest release brings Enterprise BI features with partition-based processing, editable process flow and other performance and development features.


  • Partition based cube processing
    Partial data-based processing that enables up to 90% faster cube processing. Users can set 3 partitions – current, intermediate and archived.
  • Editable process flow
    Adding external data sources to BI4Dynamics process flow is flexible and enables adding new SSIS packages.


  • Inventory aging: Inventory aging value in posted and in additional currency.  Values and quantity can be analyzed by date, location, item, etc.
  • Wizard-driven translations: Translation option is added to the Wizard.
  • Purchase forecast: Forecast purchase in posted and in additional currency.
  • Setup execution log: Monitor execution time and table statistic in Power BI.

BI4Dynamics AX 6.1 – January 2018

Upgrade to latest .NET framework 4.7.1 brings support for latest Microsoft technologies that will be used in future releases of BI4Dynamics.

.NET FRAMEWORK 4.7.1 is available on:

  • Windows version: Windows 7+
  • Windows Server version: Windows Server 2008 R2+

These operating systems are part of system requirements from BI4Dynamics AX 6.1. on.

This is a pure technical release with no impact on BI4Dynamics AX content or user experience.

BI4Dynamics AX 6.0 – October 2017

New BI4Dynamics customization wizard for Microsoft Dynamics AX will extend your corporate Business Intelligence beyond your wildest imagination.


  • Editable SSIS process flow.
  • Customization and development Wizard for AX.
    • Automatically generate SQL code for facts, cubes, and dimensions based on metadata (AX AOT) through a simple 5 step process.
    • Add custom SQL code into existing generated code by using placeholders (new!) and still use data warehouse automation.


  • Added dimension Unit of Measure to Sales and Purchase cube with referring transactional measures.
  • Added 30 ACY measures across all modules.
  • Added or redesigned 63 measures and Unit of Measure dimension; Measures in delivery fact are now calculated as weighed measures.


  • Receivables and Payables State fact data compression per selected period on Monthly or Weekly bases that enables much faster DW and cube processing.
  • Inventory Dimension loads much faster.


  • Updated Excel and Power BI reports.
  • Added set of Excel reports in ACY based measures.

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