Customizing Data Warehouse has never been easier

A user without SQL knowledge can customize any part of DW. An experienced SQL developer can add any SQL code and still use DWA.

(If you are busy, we will do it for you. You will be amazed by our efficiency.)

Out of the box content for immediate start

  • Our data warehouse is built by 200 tables.
  • Customer dimension is built by 38 tables, and we add only fields available on Customer form. Item dimension is built by 20 tables.
  • Sales cube has 300 measures organized in 6 measure groups

With such rich content, BI4Dynamics offers very high readiness for immediate implementation. We know that there is a GAP, but a GAP with our solution is much smaller.

We know every detail of your FO (AX)

  • BI4Dynamics can incorporate every aspect of your FO (AX) solution, either standard Microsoft part, ISV solution that has been integrated or customizations that your team has done.
  • When you add new content to your FO (AX), our tool will enable adding the new content to your BI solution with a click of a mouse.

Development made easy

  • The same tool that our developers are using for creating data warehouse is available to you.
  • Adding a dimension attribute, a measure or a dimension is just one click away.
  • Modeling of new BI content will be very fast as it is based on your FO (AX) Metadata
  • SQL engine will support any model that you design and crunch any data size that you have now or in the future.

Documentation is made easy

  • One-click to create documentation for the project.
  • Documentation includes everything that we have developed over the years and all the changes that your team has just delivered to BI solution.
  • IT team will have a track of work that has been delivered. Business users will find details for measure definition (for example, Inventory Turnover) or source of dimension attribute by themself. They will not bother IT for the explanation.
  • Standard documentation has 130 pages.

Try it yourself!

See the how-to videos below to get a clue on how the wizard works. Everything else is a matter of your imagination.

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