Customizing BI4Dynamics AX

Our Data Warehouse Automation Wizard empowers everyone in your organization to customize and develop new cubes and customize existing without SQL knowledge.


  • Work simultaneously with BI4Dynamics  Solution, BI4Dynamics Wizard, and Microsoft Tools.
  • Create or modify T-SQL scripts with SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Create or modify XML files (dimensions, cubes) with BIDS.

Cube Management

  • Create new cubes based on any AX table.
  • Add Fact to any cube.
  • Add measure groups to any measure such as YTD ( Year-to-Date), YOY ( Year-over-Year), Last Periods, POP (Period-over-Period), etc.
  • Attach custom MDX in addition to existing measures.

Dimension Management

  • Create new dimensions based on any AX table.
  • Change the existing dimensions.
  • Custom fields added to AX tables can be added to BI4Dynamics.
  • Fields can be hidden with the wizard if you do not need them in BI.

Try it yourself!

See the how-to videos below to get a clue on how the wizard works. Everything else is a matter of your imagination.

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